In order to meet the requirements of different laboratories and provide high-standard laboratory services, Snibe has developed an integrated system Biolumi 8000 that offers flexible total solutions. It delivers three kinds of testing modules MAGLUMI 4000Plus chemiluminescence immunoassay module (I), Bioassays 2200 biochemistry module (B), and E1200 electrolyte module (E). In conjunction with the SPS02 sample processing module (S), this extendable platform not only provides optimal workflow, but also offers satisfactory operational experience.

By using Biolumi 8000 integrated system, laboratories can reduce complexity of experimental operations and enjoy efficient and compatible solutions by LIS connection. This rapid and accurate integrated system offers comprehensive test menu including over 121 immunoassay parameters, open system for biochemistry assays, and 5 electrolyte analytes. With Biolumi 8000, physicians can obtain thorough and reliable diagnostic data.

"Biolumi 8000 is China's first integrated system, which combines IES, biochemistry, and immunoassay together. It functions in high-throughput biochemistry module up to 1600 t/h, advanced magnetics microbead separation, and flash chemiluminescence immunoassay module. Biolumi 8000 is designed and produced under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality-control management system; complies with the requirements of EN 61326-1: 2006 and EN 61326-2-6: 2006 for electromagnetic compatibility; and passes safety requirements under IECEN 61010-2-101."

Alex Xu
Overseas Technical Director,

Biolumi 8000 is highly integrated, designed with a high throughput (B:1600 T/H/Module; I:280 T/H/Module; E: 1000 t/h) and up to 360 continuously-loaded reagents positions, and it merges the latest sample processing technology by an independent sample-processing module, which can load 280 samples at one time. At the same time, various combinations of different modules are available. For example, combination "I+B+E+S" is suitable for comprehensive laboratory; and combination "I+I+B+B+E+S" for big laboratories with higher needs for biochemical tests and immunoassays.

Biolumi 8000 integrated system recognizes the information of sample rack by RFID reader and sample tube by barcode. Continuous loading and unloading samples during operation are available. Moreover, specific STAT channel for emergency sample test, independent transport and return paths, switch units, and many more features for optimizing sample routing are equipped to achieve maximal efficiency and productivity. The convenient clinical chemistry and immunoassay reagent area with ready-to-use reagents also provides long on-board stability, optimized for workflow and cost management. And reagents are in common use among MAGLUMI and Bioassays series.


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