In large laboratories, you will see rows of instruments working tirelessly like miniature factories, only they produce not commodities but your medical test results. Mindray CAL 8000 New Generation Cellular Automation Line is one of them but unlike a typical workhorse, it is intelligent. It is a highly automated workstation for smarter, faster, and more accurate cellular analysis. It can perform competently in the face of these challenges. The workstation can hold up to 4 units of BC-6800 automated hematology analyzer, which utilizes the advanced SF Cube technology and 3D scattergrams to help doctors better differentiate blood cell populations and reveal abnormal cells, undetectable by conventional techniques. With 125 CBC tests per hour per unit, BC-6800 brings the process rate of the workstation to 20–30 percent higher than other similar models, effectively alleviating the laboratory's stress during the peak processing hours.

"With proven quality as well as upgraded functionality and flexibility, the new generation CAL 8000 will introduce customers to a smarter and more efficient way of cellular analysis and laboratory management."

Joe Baby Padayatty

National Sales Manager,
Mindray Medical India Pvt. Ltd.

On CAL 8000, the hematology analyzer, slide maker and stainer, CRP analyzer, and HbA1c analyzer are all integrated into one seamless production line through automated track modules and trolley. Simply by loading a single tube of blood sample onto the automation system, one can get all the test results. This innovative walk away automation functionality has made possible the "CBC+CRP+HbA1c" testing all in one streamlined workstation for the first time in the industry. It offers a smart solution, or rather, a smart expert – the labXpert 2.0. It is a software that can automatically sort out the suspected samples for manual validation. It avoids wasting slides and reduces extra work. Moreover, the onboard automated re-exam functionality also helps enhance work efficiency

In comparison with our previous model, the new CAL 8000 can save up to 20 percent of the laboratory space.


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