Being a significant player in Indian hematology market, Agappe is always keen to provide innovative, high-quality and yet economical hematology solutions to its customers. The recent new product addition to our hematology business portfolio is Mispa Count – a compact three-part-plus hematology analyzer with German technology.

Mispa Count has several unique features to make it distinct from other three-part-analyzers. The unique feature of smaller aperture sizes – 80 and 50 micron for WBC, RBCs/platelets respectively – sets this instrument different from the rest of its counterparts and this feature could be found in the entry-level five-part hematology analyzers, making it to be called as a "three-part-plus hematology analyzer." Mispa Count provides a better result with more precision and accuracy with better electrical impedance due to its smaller aperture size.

The double count of the samples without additional consumption of reagents and sample volume enhances the facility of avoiding analytical errors. The instrument has a unique algorithm to compare the blood count in two readings, and if the average value difference is more than 5 percent then a rejection alarm would be generated. With this feature, the user can rule out the chances of improper mixing or any sample abnormalities such as clogs or clots.

The different flags along with the graphs enable the user understand the results properly for better diagnosis. The instrument can give flags for platelet debris, schizocytes, microcytes, lyse-resistant RBCs/insufficient lysing, monocytosis, eosinophilia, large immature cells, etc. The completely user-friendly touch screen of Mispa Count ensures better visibility of results, graphs, and pop-up windows with a single touch.

The QPTFE syringes used in Mispa Count are highly thermochemical-resistant and corrosion-resistant to ensure better sample aspiration and accurate dispensing of reagents. This along with the electromagnetic solenoid valves adds on to better durability of the instrument.

Mispa Count requires only 10 L of sample for testing and it can give a throughput of 60 samples per hour. The quality of the reagent is a major concern in hematology segment. Agappe manufactures high-quality yet economical hematology reagents from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. With unique features of Mispa Count and the complete range of reagents, Agappe is a preferred choice of customers in hematology segment.


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