Vanguard Diagnostics has signed a long term agreement with Diagon of Hungary for the exclusive marketing of their Hematology Controls in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Diagon is one of the three manufacturers of Hematology Controls in the world with unparalleled product benefits.

The Diagon Hematology Controls come with data sheets for all the leading models of 3 part and 5 part hematology analyzers from Mindray, Sysmex, Beckman Coulter, Horiba, Siemens, Nihon Kohden, Abbott, Diatron, and Drew amongst others. For the models not currently included in the data sheets, Vanguard Diagnostics offers a special service. We conduct comprehensive studies, in technical collaboration with Diagon to assign target values for the selected model and include the same in the data sheets, within a few weeks.

These Hematology Controls have an unprecedented stability, owing to the unique combination of blood and stabilizing compounds in the matrix.

  • The shelf lives and open vial stabilities of our Hematology Controls are significantly higher than the competitors' products.
  • The actual open vial stability and shelf life of these Hematology Controls is even better than what is being claimed by us.

"We have received a very encouraging response to the product line in a short span of time owing to the unprecedented benefits that the product offers. The wish list of the customers in the area of Hematology Controls includes – longer shelf life, better open vial stability, regular availability, and competitive pricing. Our endeavor is to fulfill these unmet requirements through our range of Hematology Controls. Finally there is a solution! "

Veena Kohli

Vanguard Diagnostics (P) Limited


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