Continuous research and technical advancements have enabled us to make our products compact and affordable, while representing the acumen of traditional German technology. The experience gained in inhalation technology has helped Heyer Medical AG to go a step further – anesthesia and ventilation technology.


We offer a wide range on anesthesia products right from lightweight portable anesthesia machines to high-end anesthesia workstations. To start with our premium anesthesia workstations Pasithec II and Pasithec, they are well equipped with all modern features like advanced ventilation modes, low flow technique, non-condensing breathing system etc. but this all is projected in a very much user-friendly manner, which means less complications and users can focus more on the patient than on the machine. To add on to it Heyer anesthesia workstations are equipped with all the safety features like hypoxic guard, anti-suffocation system etc.

Heyer portable anesthesia machine Bahner III is a very compact, lightweight but rugged machine. It comes in a compact box and is drop tested. We are foreseeing its applications in disastrous areas where it can be air dropped and used without electricity.

Our patient monitors VizOR and Scalis series. These monitors are designed to precisely measure basic parameters to all the latest features including brain function analysis, cardiac output, multi gas measurement, and many more. To deliver and maintain our quality we have collaborated with the finest ones like Masimo SpO2, Masimo Phasein Gas sensors etc. Our patient monitors come in different sizes, design, and easy to use interphase.


We have extended our technology toward respirators as well. Both portable and intensive care ventilators can be availed. Our portable ventilator Heyer PORT+ is designed as a very lightweight machine with extended battery life and all advanced modes that makes this machine a perfect advanced portable device for all patient categories. The ICU ventilator Heyer iTernIS EVO is a rugged device, which is known for its ease of use and wide range of operability.

Heyer Medical has a remarkable presence in over 80 countries around the world and we are pleased to announce that we have established a base in Mumbai, India. And also have developed a dealer network across many parts of the country as well Heyer is in process to increase our network further. We aim to change the way hospitals and doctors think anesthesia, ventilation, and patient monitoring and all of this with an assurance of German quality.

At Heyer Medical, our customers are a prime source of innovation and product development. And therein lies our expertise in creating unique products. Our goal is to help them do a better job through their clinical expertise and our technical support.


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