The government approved establishment of Sports Injury Centre (SIC) at Safdarjung Hospital is now to function as a self-sufficient department providing tertiary and specialized care for management of sports injuries. This center performs high-end arthroscopic surgeries involving all joints leading to early rehabilitation. Further, it deals selectively with high-end arthroscopic procedures involving multiligamentous knee injury, complex shoulder injuries including instability and rotator cuff tears, nerve entrapment, ankle arthroscopies, and reconstructions writ and elbow arthroscopy and navigation-assisted hip arthroscopy, etc.

The SIC also deals with primary, difficult primary, and revision anthroplasty and navigation-assisted hip and knee anthroplasty whereas the CIO deals with management of general orthopedic conditions including congenital orthopedics' disorder, trauma of muscular skeletal system, tumors of muscular skeletal system, and management of other miscellaneous orthopedic conditions. CIO per se does not deal selectively with joint replacement and arthroscopy alone.


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