Ultrasound Equipment




Aarvam Medical Systems

High Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU)

Pulse/digital output mode; Completely non-ablative and non-invasive to epidermis layer

BPL Medical Technologies


Provides progressive and versatile diagnostic solutions with exceptional performance and excellent image quality that enhance diagnostic confidence; Offers extensive shared service capabilities for vascular, cardiac, abdominal, pediatric/fetal, musculoskeletal, urology, prostate, and Ob/Gyn practices


Provides consistent image quality, enabled by ALPINIION’s enhanced digital signal processing and imaging algorithms; Optimized integration with advanced engineered transducer maximizes the image quality; Outstanding detail with less artifacts; ALPINION’S intuitive, tablet-like touchscreen interface is designed to reduce reach and button pushes; Focus more on patients with quick responses and precise key selection

E-CUBE 9 Diamond

Refined acoustic technology with great delicacy that manages and handles ultrasound signals perfectly; ALPINION’s flexible imaging platform, FleXcan architecture enhances system stability and helps to maintain system performance to the latest software version


Comes with a powerful and stable cart-based system architecture and breakthrough design with sliding keyboard cover; Application-specific imaging technology with advanced transducers; Optional: remote monitoring capability

E-CUBE 9 Standard

Refined acoustic technology with great delicacy that manages and handles ultrasound signals perfectly; ALPINION’s flexible imaging platform, FleXcan ArchitectureTM, enhances system stability and helps to maintain system performance to the latest software version


Delivers compact and powerful image performance for a fast and confident clinical decision; Smart-software package for multiple applications, and design ergonomics to maximise space efficiency and mobility; Embedded with BPL-ALPINION’s core imaging technology and imaging platform, provides clinicians excellent 2D, color flow, CW/PW Doppler performance


Combines more compact and smarter solutions with powerful performance; Outstanding image quality result from BPL ALPINION’s refined acoustic technology perfectly manages and handles ultrasound signals; Software packages for multiple applications enhance diagnostic confidence and efficiency

Blue Star Engineering & Electronics

MUS 9400

Whole body color doppler with advanced features for cardio vascular application and 4D imaging; 17-inch high definition LCD display

MUS 6300

Whole body color doppler with CW and 4D imaging; 15-inch high definition LCD display; 3 active probe connectors

MUS 702 

Black and white system; Ergonomically designed; 15-inch LCD anti-glare screen; 4 B mode and tissue harmonic imaging

MUS 602

Black and white portable system; Elegant image quality; 10-inch non-interlaced display; 128 frames built-in image storage

Cura Healthcare

Sonoscape Range of USG and Color Doppler

15 inch touchscreen, 200 degree transvaginal imaging, and high density transducers

VINNO Series

Wide applications; Excellent 4D technology; Aesthetics par excellent and auto NT

eZono 4000

Latest LED sreen, advanced image quality, needle guidance technology, and large storage capability; Digital broadband architecture; Less than 20 sec start time

Erbis Engineering

Aplio i900

Premium color doppler with volume adult, peadiatric cardiac probe and volume TEE probe with 2D and 3D wall motion tracking; MV surgical planning software for volume TEE using iBEAM, iSLICE, and multiplexing technology

Aplio i800

Premium color doppler with matrix volume imaging and micro slice transducers; Premium glass 4D for OB applications; Premium shear wave elastography , fusion, contrast with real time quad view using iBEAM, iSLICE and multiplexing technology

Erbis Engineering

Aplio i700

Premium color doppler with micro slice transducers; Premium shear wave elastography, fusion, contrast with real time quad view using iBEAM, iSLICE, and multiplexing technology

Aplio500 Platinum Series 

Premium high end digital color doppler systems with shear wave elastography, superb microvascular imaging (SMI), contrast and 4D fly thru, and luminance imaging; Enhanced contrast resolution; Vastly increased processing power and speed

Aplio400 Platinum Series

Premium high end-digital color doppler systems with shear-wave elastography, superb microvascular imaging (SMI), contrast and 4D, and luminance imaging; Enhanced contrast resolution; Vastly increased processing power and speed

Aplio300 Platinum Series 

Premium high-end digital color doppler systems with shearwave elastography, superb microvascular imaging (SMI), contrast and 4D, and luminance imaging; Enhanced contrast resolution; Vastly increased processing power and speed

Xario 200 Platinum

Premium compact color doppler with superb microvascular imaging (SMI); Superb image qulaity in 2D, 3D, 4D with whole body strain elastography and contrast package; Added to cardiac strain imaging

Xario 100 Platinum

Premium compact color doppler with strain elastography and with superb image qulaity in 2D, 3D, 4D imaging

Xario 100 MX

Precision, control, and clear picture quality; Smaller, smarter, and simpler; Good 3D/4D rendering with high volume rate

Fujifilm Sonosite


Most portable point of care ultrasound tool with excellent image quality, mobility, and advanced connectivty; 7 inch high-resolution touchscreen and innovative single-handed thumb operated user interface


Versatile truly portable system with high performance imaging and ease of use for operation room, bedside, critical care, shared services, and field applications


High performance solution featuring touchscreen user interface with unique form factor (zero foot print) i.e., always ready to go with long lasting battery back up; System features includes DirectClear Technology which  elevates transducer performance by increasing penetration and contrast resolution


High-end compact clamshell solution with superior image quality featuring splash-resistant silicone keyboard for easy cleaning and disinfection; Solid aluminium casing to protect investment for long term use

FC 1

Compact doppler system with customizable imaging presets, excellent image quality, latest technology with advanced functionality (raw-data processing, trapezoidal imaging, B-steer, etc.)

Edge II

Compact clamshell solution featuring DirectClear technology (for excellent image quality) and Armored Cable technology (for enhanced durability); Designed incorporating sealed keyboard for busy and challenging hospital conditions where infection control is a major concern


Premium platform featuring XDI imaging (best in class image quality) and multi-gesture user interface which has no buttons for superior cleanability and availability of on board 3D learning tutorials for point of care users

GE Healthcare

Logiq e

Advanced features optimized for your practise, permitting right-out-of-the-box imaging. Simple consistency. Patient Follow-up Tool with Fusion helps ensure technical consistency from exam to exam to help prevent clinical conclusions from being clouded by inconsistent technique. Simple comparison. Simultaneous Split Screen makes the comparison nearly automatic. . Workhorse simplicity Tissues differentiation matters. The LOGIQ e imaging engine is separately optimized for each Point of Care application. See in 3D. Use any transducer1 to show anatomical relationships intuitively with Easy3D. Imaging to go. Portable and battery-operated, the LOGIQ e allows flexibility in moving from room to room.

venue 50

More accurate ultrasound needle guidance. The Venue™ 50 offering Pinpoint™ GT technology enables greater control over needle placement with twice the accuracy of conventional ultrasound needle guidance 51% Improved needle placement accuracy, across all procedure types. 70% Reduced non-productive needle sticks. One touch and go. Select the probe and preset in one step. Fast power-up. The system is operational before you even get your gloves on. Portable and wireless. Battery-powered, the system can be moved from patient to patient without powering down. Gel & go imaging. Get crisp images without time-consuming tweaking.


Resona 7

Powered by the most revolutionary ZONE Sonography® technology; Resona 7’s new ZST+ platform brings ultrasound image quality to a higher level by zone acquisition and channel data processing; Enhances clinical research capabilities with the revolutionary V Flow for vascular hemodynamics evaluation, and the most intelligent plane acquisition from 3D dataset for fetal CNS diagnosis; Combining the most intuitive gesture-based multi-touch operation and all essential clinical features, Resona 7 is truly leading new waves in ultrasound innovation

Resona 6

ZST platform brings ultrasound image quality to a higher level by zone acquisition and channel data processing; Premium image quality; Provides essential clinical features with proven performance, most intelligent fetal CNS plane acquisition and most intuitive gesture-based operation


DC-8 Exp

Offers fast and reliable diagnosis, making it an optimum choice during diagnosis of difficult patients; Combination of four innovative technica aspects, including high speed hardware module, advanced frontal transmission/reception, powerful parallel processing, and patent intelligent algorithms, which together raise the diagnostic capability into a new level


Integrates the best of technology, quality, and ergonomics, providing with a unique scanning experience; With a crystal clear image quality, comprehensive analysis package, and a highly user-friendly interface

DC-70 Exp

Touch gesture feature designed to help improve workflow, provides with ease and certainty; The clarity, as a result of innovative 3T transducer technology with single crystal helps to detect abnormalities easily in technically difficult patients


Good image quality is prime for a promising ultrasound. DC-70 offers that and a lot more; Touch gestures let you do more than you ever imagined, providing you with extremely easy and fast exams, enabling you to put patient care first; The clarity, as a result of high-end inherent technologies, would help you detect abnormalities and small pathologies with best in class image performance; The quality exams and unprecedentedly optimized user experience have already built up DC-70 as the true workhorse to cope with various challenges of your daily practice


Adaptive signal processing technology with intelligent echo detection, designed to utilize the native signal-to-noise information to enhance the weak echo signals while suppressing the surrounding clutter noise, providing more balanced image brightness, and improved visualization of myocardium tissue layers

DC- 40

Combining full application packages, auto-measurement tools, and onboard education software, the DC-40 makes ultrasound scanning accurate, efficient, and accessible with exceptional capability; 10.4 inch touchscreen guarantees ease-of-use and helps reduce the daily work burden, while the compact design and built-in battery ensures maximum mobility


Standard ultrasound systems available today typically allow for a basic diagnosis but lack advanced functionality; Now, with the most competitive price in the industry, the DC-30 is the perfect answer for high quality image performance, with added features such as Auto IMT, iScape, Natural Touch Elastography, UWN Contrast Imaging, and Tissue Doppler Imaging


Advanced signal transmission and reception processors provide highly sensitive and accurate echo detection; Innovative transducer technologies allow for better penetration, higher resolution, greatly enhancing your diagnostic experience

Niranjan Ultrasound


Portable cardiovascular ultrasound system; Features tissue velocity imaging, tissue tracking, tissue synchronization imaging, TEE transducers, smart depth, adaptive reject, and ICE imaging



Sonosite Micromaxx

10.4-inch LCD; Available features: CPD DCPD ECG M PW THI CW Color Dicom-PS MWL DPLX EOBC IMT Clips RES

Philips HD 11XE

Features Anatomical M-mode, tissue doppler imaging (TDI), 3D and 4D imaging, sono CT, 2D with pulse inversion harmonic imaging; adaptive color doppler, pulsed wave and continuous wave doppler

GE Vivid S5

Features 2D mode, color doppler mode, M-mode, PW/CW doppler, LVO contrast, automatic tissue optimization (ATO), and automatic spectrum optimization (ASO)

GE Voluson E8

Features HD live imaging technology; Up to 40 frames per second in 4D mode; 2D/3D/4D imaging; Advanced 4D ultrasound imaging; 67,584 imaging channels

Philips IU22

Can reduce ultrasound exam time by up to 50%; 3D imaging; PureWave crystal technology

Olympus Medical Systems


High-quality compact ultrasound processor for use with OLYMPUS endoscopic and endobronchial ultrasound (EUS and EBUS) equipment; Support both electronic and mechanical scanning


Combines cutting-edge technology with future-proof compatibility in a compact package (EUS and EBUS); Supports electrical and mechnical scanning

Philips Healthcare

EPIQ 5 & 7

Exceptional image resolution; Exclusive nSIGHT architecture and anatomical intelligence technologies that meets the challenges of today’s demanding practices

Affiniti 30, 50 and 70

With precision bean forming, purewave technology, tissue specific presets (TST)


Most reliable and versatile with features like i-SCAN one touch optimization, microfine 2D focusing, freehand 3D imaging, and fast image acquisition

ClearVue Elite 350, 550, 650, 850

A versatile performer to depend upon for multiple clinical specialities, including general imaging abdominal, vascular, musculoskeletal, small parts, OB, and cardiac


Diagnostic excellence; Premium echo for interventional cardiology



Superb image quality for accurate diagnosis; Comprising  the latest S-Vision architecture and S-Vue transducer; Offers state-of-the-art technologies for outstanding images


Stepped-up 3-D imaging engine and S-Vue transducer technology allows physicians to get clearer vision of the scanned area; 5-D advanced diagnostic solutions provide useful information for fetal conditions or women’s health issues ensuring confidence in clinical decisions


Advanced imaging technology built in the HS70A system provides clear, detailed resolution, and tissue uniformity for all types of applications in general imaging


Offers sophisticated hybrid beamforming engine and tools that maximise workflow efficiency


H60 combines design principles of simplicity, lightness and versatility with cutting-edge hybrid engine and innovative features to enable performance in style; Yields best of the Image quality in its class with the help of Single Crystal Convex and Single Crystal Volume Convex Probes


Extensive image processing technologies and assessment tools for various imaging applications like 4-D Imaging, TEE probe connectivity, stress echo, and strain imaging


Slim and ultra-compact ultrasound system featuring advanced imaging performance that satisfies the imaging needs of various applications; 4-D imaging, stress echo, and strain imaging


Compact ultrasound system that provides maximum value across a wide range of applications; Ergonomic design, Innovative digital beam-forming processor and numerous advanced imaging functions address all kinds of diagnosis requirements


Designed for practicality; Serves the essential daily diagnostic functions while providing excellent, user-friendly interface, and ergonomics


Compact and lightweight system featuring an LED monitor and image optimisation tools; Unique combination of 4-D Imaging and CW doppler in one system


Tablet-style ultrasound system; Compact yet powerful with  touchscreen monitor and imaging capabilities that satisfy point-of-care needs having 2-D, color, and spectral doppler


Offers quality and value in a portable, compact package with black & white and color imaging performance that is not compromised by its size


Built for dedicated cardiovascular use with ergonomic design and easy-to-use features

Technocare Medisystems


Portable and attractive plastic injection design; Small-sized and lightweight; Finer image display and higher resolution



Alpha 6

High frame rate of more than 900 frames per sec; More stability and durability; High performance in gray scale image

Prosound 2

Extended pure harmonic detection (ExPHD); Tissue harmonic echo by phase modulation; Offers images of high accuracy by reducing unnecessary echoes without sacrificing sensitivity


Powerful functions and advanced modalities supporting reliable imaging; Auto angle correct function allows easy adjustments of beam to flow angle in the PW doppler mode to significantly improve measurement accuracy


Features 3E platform broadband harmonics, extended pure broadband harmonics, adaptive image processing (AIP), and spatial compound imaging (SCI)

Prosound Alpha 7

Features compound pulse wave generator (CPWG), hemispheric sound technology probes, broadband harmonic technique, extended flow (eFlow), and eTracking; Realtime 3D, offers smoothly moving 3D images

Prosound F75

With compound pulse wave generator plus technology, real time 3D (4D), real time tissue elastography contrast hormonics tracking, and flow mediated design


Ultrasound broadband engine (Ultra BE); Real time tissue elastography (Hi RTE); Liver and breast contrast harmonic imaging; 4D (real time 3D) STIC (spatio temporal image correlation) HD live imaging; Offers extensive cardiology applications and intraoperative applications

HI VisionAvius

Ultra broadband engine for superb image quality; Wide range of realtime elastography applications; Single crystal probe for higher image quality; Fine flow imaging; Pure image realtime 3D and 4D applications

HI VisionPreirus

Ultra broadband engine for superb image quality; Wide range of realtime elastography application; Single crystal probe for higher image quality; Fine flow imaging; Realtime virtual sonography for fusion of CTMR images

HI VisionAscendus

Ultra brondband engine for superb image quality; 4D elastography; Realtime elastography inflow time mapping for contrast imaging

Arietta S60

Dual gate doppler; 2D tissue tracking; Real time 3D and 4D shading; Real time virtual sonography; Real time tissue elastography; Flow mediated dilation; Wave intensity transit time of vessel flow

Arietta S70

Real time 3D and 4D shading; Real time virtual sonography; Real time tissue elastography; Flow mediated dilation; Wave intensity transit time of vessel flow



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