SDB Equipment




Nidek Medical

CPAP Machine -  ECOSTAR Auto

Mode: CPAP, ACPAP; Pressure range: 4-20 cm H2O; Display: 2.8-inch color TFT display

DPAP Machines – DPAP Bi-Level DPAP20, DPAP20Plus, DPAP25Plus, and DPAP 30 Pro

Built-in 5 mode settings; Pressure range: 4-20 or 4-25 or 4-30 cm H2O; Low noise working; Non-invasive ventilator clinic analysis software

Philips Healthcare

Dreamstation-CPAP Auto

Patient driven design, long-term adherence centric, and increased efficiencies

Dreamstation BiPAP Auto

Advanced event detection; Mask resistance control and optimized pressure delivery

BiPAP AutoSV Advanced

Auto EPAP for patients’ changing need to provide efficient pneumatic splint; Delivers pressure support only when needed; Avoids hyperventilation

Shenyang RMS Medical Tech


Universal power supply; Input range: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz; Average sound level less than 30 db(A)

Auto Bipap 25

4 modes for better compliance; Advanced therapy tracking capabilities and safty alarms

BIPAP20/25/30 (ST)

Wide pressure range (4-30 cm), patient adjustable ramp, data card, latest smart-flex comfort technologies, safety alarms, and universal power supply

Taurus Healthcare

Resmart Auto

Auto APAP; Adopts advanced sensor technology, automatically tracking patients’ respiratory condition

Resmart Bilevel

Bi-level positive airway pressure; Integrated and knock-down designed InH2TM heated humidifier

Resmart Bilevel 30T

Backlit LCD display for operation in dark; Lighted user buttons with lockup capability




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