Test and Measurement Instruments




Fluke Biomedical


Electrical Safety Analyzers-ESA 620

Smart technology designed to measurably enhance productivity under any standard; 25A PE test possible


Automatic electrical safety analyzer for exceptional productivity enhancements, unbeatable quality and the newest in design technology

Patient Monitor Safety-ProSim 8 Vital Signs Simulator

Complete preventive maintenance testing in just 5 minutes

ProSim SPOT Light

SpO2 Testing in 15 seconds

Diagnostic X-ray Quality Assurance and Safety-Raysafe Xi/X2

Advanced & ultimate X-ray QA solution for simulatenous measurement of all X-ray performance parameters like kVp, dose, dose rate, HVL, and total filtration

TNT 12000

Versatile, accurate and rugged instrument to wirelessly measure all the X-ray machine performance parameters

Phantoms-Mamography & CT Dose Phantoms

Phantom for all applications and modalities

Radiation Survey Meters-451P Pressurized μR Ion Chamber Survey Meter and 451B Ion Chamber Survey Meter with Beta Slide

They are recognized around the world for their accuracy and versatility

ASM-990/992/993 Survey Meters

They have the unsurpassed capability and value that the world has come to expect from Victoreen

Defibrillator Testing-Impulse 6000D/7000DP Defibrillator/External Pacer Analyzer

For the spectrum of defibrillators, external pacers and AEDs available today

Ventilations and Pressure/Flow Device Safety-VT MOBILE Gas Flow Analyzer

Portable general-purpose gas-flow analyzer


Precision, comprehensive NIST-traceable gas flow testing for even high-frequency ventilators

Infusion Pump Testing-IDA-1S

Battery powered (upto 10 hrs) and light weight analyzer for on-the go operation


Tests upto 4 infusion pumps simentaniously with onboard automation; fully comply to IEC60601-2-24 with SW

Electrosurgery Analyzer-QA-ESII

Ansur-automatable for step-wise ESU test instruction

Medical Scope Meter-190M Medical ScopeMeter® Portable Oscilloscope

Electrosurgery testing/analysis  combines an unprecedented level of performance, ruggedness and portability

Incubator Testing-INCU Incubator Analyzer

Gives vital information regarding the temperature, humidity, sound and airflow of incubators

Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance-35040 Advanced Therapy Dosimeter

Reference grade instrument in radiation therapy; provides bias voltage for all commonlyused chambers wide measurement range, up to 1.000 μA and 19.999 mC for HDR Brachy therapy applications

37-705 VeriDose PDMQC System

Provides both daily accelerator quality control and patient-dose monitoring in one device

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