Neonatal and Infant Care Equipment




Astra Medical Systems

Phototherapy Units

Imported blue LED; No heat transfer to upper surface; Uniform spread of light; Low power consumption; Sleek and compact design; Zero maintenance; Noise free operation

HD-PLUS Humidifiers

Microprocessor controlled; Digital diaplay; High temperature cutoffs; Easily mountable; Autoclavable and reusable heated wire

Res-P and Inno-Res CPAP

Bubbler based bubble CPAP; In-built air compressor; Inlet for oxygen gas

Infant Radiant Warmer

Skin/air/manual; 1-inch bright skin temperaure display; Set temperature, control mode, and APGAR timer display on LCD; Safety high temperature cutoff; Power fail alarm; Probe fail alarm

BD CareFusion

Kurtis MSD

Meconium suction device (MSD) for infants; Convenient design, versatile, and easy-to-use

Qwik Connect Plus

Spiral electrodes for accurate fetal heart monitoring for mothers and their newborns during labor

Cura Healthcare

Sunray Series

Fetal heart beat monitoring wireless systems; Built in CTG analysis; 12 crystal high sensitive, state of the art transducer; 2 bed monitoring, triplets monitoring technology, and large data storage

Draeger Medical India


SmartSWIVEL for more space; Even spread of heat; Early warning thermo-monitoring

JM 105

Streamlines jaundice screening practices by providing reliable TcB measurements in a timely manner


Combines an effective warming therapy platform along with the components needed for clinical emergency and resuscitation

Isolette C2000 

Combines the essential microclimate with the ergonomics, accessibility, and mobility

EMCO Meditek

Fetal Doppler D520

Self-contained system for fetal monitoring with permanently fixed 2 mHz transducer; Handheld battery powered audio unit

Fetal Doppler DHR120

Accurate and reliable FHR detection with clear sound; LCD display with back light; Ergonomic design, portable, and convenient

Vascular Doppler D500 and D580

Battery-powered audio unit; Calibration switch; Built-in speaker

GE Healthcare


Giraffe OmniBed

Combines thermal advantages of double-walled incubator with access advantages of an open bed warmer

Giraffe Incubator

Decreasing stress for the family and simplifying procedures for the clinicians

Giraffe/Panda Warmers

Direct the heat to the infant; Sleek design, hands-free alarm silence, full-color display, and integrated scale

Lullaby Warmer

Built to provide babies with a warm and comforting environment because every baby deserves the high standard of care.

Lullaby Warmer Prime

Efficiently deliver exceptional thermoregulation at a fantastic Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Bilisoft LED PT

Provides intensive phototherapy while supporting developmental and family-centered care

Lullaby LED PT

Delivers high-performance, high-intensity phototherapy with whisper-quiet and low cost operation

Corometrics 250 cx Series

Comprehensive perinatal monitoring that enables care for both mother and baby.

Corometrics 170 Series

Delivering  cost effective , reliable and accurate fetal monitoring with mother’s comfort in mind

Mini Telemetry  System

Enhanced workflow and comfortable birthing experience for mothers

Krishna Medi Equipments

FD-11C Fetal Doppler

Portable doppler with display, crystal clear sound; High sensitivity doppler probe; Battery operated with re-chargeable battery

FD-11D Fetal Doppler

Portable doppler with display, crystal clear sound; High sensitivity doppler probe; Battery operated with re-chargeable battery

Fetal Monitor Model FC 700

FDA approved fetal monitor, with A4 Size thermal printer, automatic fetal movement detection model and interpretation

Fetal Monitor Model FC 1400

FDA approved fetal monitor with twin monitoring, A4 size thermal printer, automatic fetal movement detection model and interpretation having memory and rechargeable battery

Neokraft Medical

Neo 510

Infant warmer with LED phototherapy; Made with high quality fire retardant resin design for ultimate safety from fire and electric shock

Neo 500

Infant warmer with fixed baby cradle; Ceramic heater with parabolic reflector to maintain uniform temperature across the mattress with swivelling source box easy to take x-ray and procedures

Neo 300 Series

Advanced microprocessor based servo controlled systems with high temperature cut off safety facility

Neo 920

Infant incubator; With microprocessor based servo controlled temperature controller modes; Multiple failure alarm indications for safety

Resipuff 1050

Lightweight standalone unit; T-Piece resuscitator safely inflate the Baby’s lungs and provide optimum oxygenation by delivering consistent PIP and PEEP with each breath avoiding the risks associated with under or over inflation of uncontrolled pressures

NeoPAP 505

Infant bubble CPAP servo humidifier; Complete system providing perfect delivery with in-built air/oxygen blender, bubble generator with pressure manifold, heated breathing circuit, and in-built medical grade air compressor



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