MRI Equipment




Blue Star Engineering & Electronics

Hitachi Echelon Smart

1.5 T superconducting MRI model; Faster operation and clearer imaging

Cura Healthcare

Philips INTERA Supercon 1.5 T

Whole body applications; Short bore compact; All pulse sequences, single-slice 2D, multi-slice 2D, 3D, multi-chunk 3D, and multi-stack 3D

Hitachi AIRIS Permanent Magnet

Wide open architecture with premium magnet; High image quality; High speed image reconition; Dicom compatible with color display

Hitachi AIRIA Elite

Most advanced mid-field MR with low power consumption; User-friendly console; Powerful gradients; Fast sequences; Fat water separation and multi-array coil technology

GE HdxT Supercon

High definition, anatomically optimized imaging; Improved workflow; Ultrafast image reconition; HD applications capabilities such as TRICKS, VIBRANT, propeller, LAVA, and MR echo

Erbis Engineering

Vantage Elan

1.4 m ultra-short magnet with excellent magnetic field homogeneity for high image quality; Zero helium boil-off system and eco mode minimize system operating costs

Vantage Titan 3T

71 cm open-bore 3T MRI system; Powerful, precise, and comfortable; Multi-phase transmission for superior image quality

Vantage Titan

71 cm wide aperture with high level of magnetic field homogeneity for outstanding image quality; Noise-reduction technology

Komega Impex

Siemens 1.5 T

Extra wide design helps accommodate larger patients; Provides up to 3 times more power than conventional open MRI systems; Can provide a field of view of up to 205 cm

Hitachi (Permanent Magnet) MRP7000

Whole body cardiac gating, ECG/peripheral, and respiratory gating (2 modes)

Airis II

0.3 T permanent magnet technology; Economical siting and operation; Small 5G footprint

Philips Healthcare


First ever digital broadband system; Delivering premium image quality; Available in 1.5 T and 3 T


Upto 40 percent reduction in patient/coil setup time; Available in 1.5 T


Multi-transmit parallel RF transmission technology; Reduces dielectric shading to provide optimum image uniformity; Consistency and faster scanning




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