Infusion Pumps




Akas Medical


Drop/min and mL/hr modes; Programmable to any brand IV set

Allied Medical

Syrn 200

Ergonomically and intuitively designed front loading infusion system accepts a varied range of syringes

Infuser 120

Microprocessor controlled high-precision, intelligent drip type infusion pump, capable of accurately controlling the delivery rate of any disposable IV set and monitoring the infusion course

Astra Medical Systems

Infusion Pump

High accuracy; Water proof drip detector; 3 modes of infusion: volume, drop, and time control; 3 levels of occlusion pressure setting; 3 levels of alarm volume; Bolus function; Audio and visual alarm

Syringe Pump

Large color display; Adjustable buzzer volume; Syringe detection technology; Unique double CPU control for safety; 90 degrees rotatable clamp for IV rod or horizontal bar

Blue Star Engineering & Electronics

MIP 60

Versatile front loading pump with a 50/60 ml syringe capacity, ideal for ICU, recovery, and OT requirements

BPL Medical Technologies

Accura S

Infusion-syringe pump with blue backlit LCD display; Features micro mode and continuous injection operation modes; Double CPU to ensure safety; Anti-reverse function to prevent upstream

Acura SD

Syringe-infusion pump with 3.5 inch color TFT display; Continuous and micro modes of injection; Double CPU to ensure safety; Features automatic bolus, drug library, and export of patient history to PC

Acura V

Infusion-volumetric pump with large blue LCD display; Anti-reverse function to avoid upstream; Air-in-line detection; Accurate infusion and pressure detection device

BPL Medical Technologies

Acura Sb

Infusion syringe pump with high definition LCD display; Rate, time, volume, and dosage weight work modes; One key operation; Syringe plunger grabble detector with purge and bolus function

Acura Vb

Infusion volumetric pump with HD LCD display and voice alarm system

BD CareFusion

Alaris GW

Volumetric pump with built-in safety features

Alaris GP Plus

Large, clear display, intuitive user interface, integrated design; With guardrails safety software

Alaris CC Plus

In-line pressure sensor technology, capable of accurate, real time pressure monitoring; With guardrails safety software

Alaris Enteral

Large quick-to-read screen, intuitive keyboard, alarm beacon, and familiar user interface

Alaris VP Plus

In-line pressure monitoring and guardrails safety software

EMCO Meditek

Syringe Pump 860

Front loading of syringes for easy syringe placements; Built-in microprocessor; Bright blue LCD

Syringe Pump 960

Automatic syringe size detection; Programmable infusion rate; Simple entry of parameters via numeric keypad


BeneFusion VP5

3.5 inch color screen; Provides multi information on one page; Intelligent occlusion management system; Up to 6 infusion modes

BeneFusion VP3/ VP1

Compact design with handle; Light weight for easy transport; Drug name display and history record; Up to 4 infusion modes

BeneFusion SP5

3.5 inch color screen; Provide multi information on one page; Fast start function to ensure effective medication on time

BeneFusion SP5 TIVA

Smart TIVA mode helps to administrate anesthesia drug

BeneFusion SP5 TCI

Smart TCI mode helps anesthetists concentrate on patient during surgeries; 4 anesthetics and 7 protocol suitable for both adult and pediatric; Automatic drug compensation ensures exact target concentration

Omya Medical Solutions

S500i (Single channel) (Syringe pumps)

Compact plastic casing; Anti-shock; Ergonomic; Easy of operation; Wide range of syringe brands - 10 ml, 20 ml, and 50 ml syringe sizes

S550i (Single channel) (Syringe pumps)

Excellent flow-rate accuracy with precision stepping motor

S750i (Double channel) (Syringe pumps)

Double CPU operation; Safe and reliable injection


Large LCD color TFT display; Digital button; Easy for operation with three operating modes: Rate mode, time mode, and body weight mode


Compatible; Automatic heating and infusion at constant temperature; Dual CPU monitoring

Schiller Healthcare


Light-weight microprocessor based infusion pump with drop sensor for accurate infusion, compatible with all standard IV sets


Microprocessor controlled, fully stackable units; Automatic syringe identification for all major brands and in-built drug library of 50 drugs + 1 user drug


FloSkan 2000

Single channel compact syringe pump, supporting various syringes (10, 20, 30, 50, 60ml), 3 level occlusion detection, multiple modes of infusion, bolus, KVO, antibolus, 8 hrs battery backup, pole mount option, external DC input, option to add new local syringe brands; 300 event records +/- 2% accuracy , IPX4 protection

FloSkan 3000

Single channel compact syringe pump, supporting various syringes (10, 20, 30, 50, 60ml), 3.5 inch touchscreen for easy operation, 11 level occlusion detection, multiple modes of infusion, manual and auto bolus, KVO, antibolus, 6 hrs battery backup (optional 12 hrs), pole mount option, external DC input, 1000 drug library, option to add new local syringe brands, 2000 event records, +/- 2% accuracy


Compact infusion pump, peristaltic pump , motorised door, airbubble sensor, 11 levels of occlusion detection; Addition of new IV sets, drop sensor; Multiple modes of infusion; 5 hrs backup, pole mount option, external DC Input, manual and auto bolus, KVO, antibolus,1000 drug library, 2000 event records +/- 5% accuracy , IPX2 protection




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