X-Ray Equipment




Agfa Healthcare

DX-D 100+

Comes with a choice of Cesium Iodide (CsI) or Gadolinium Oxy-Sulphide (GOS) detector-technology; CsI delivers excellent image quality, fast image availability, and the possibility for significant dose reduction; GOS provides a very cost-effective and excellent image quality

DR 100e

Offers a powerful 32 kW generator to produce high quality images; Compact size enables imaging in small spaces, such as ICU and bedside imaging; Small width fits down narrow corridors and hallways

DX-D 300

Quick and easy way to go direct digital; Ability to reduce patient waiting time, increase diagnostic confidence, and enhance patient security due to operator presence and the potential for a lower dose

DR 400

10-inch multi-functional display on the tubehead, automatically rotating, with image previews, radiographic parameters, and more

DR 600

High-productivity, innovative features and ZeroForce technology offers high speed, precision and comfort; Fully automated; Streamlines workflow, increases throughput, and enhances the experience of patients and operators

Agfa Healthcar

DX-D 600

Provides the latest in leading-edge auto-positioning technology, fully-automated tracking, and manual positioning with quick, near zero-force manual movement in all directions making it indispensable in an emergency situation

DR 800

Advanced Cesium Iodide (CsI) detector technology, offering high-speed, high-resolution imaging, and the potential for a lower dose


CR solution with needle-based detectors to reach the high level quality demanded by mammography

CR 30-Xm

Affordable, compact, and table-top, with a horizontal cassette insertion that prevents dust and dirt being introduced into the system

CR 15-X

By supporting both standard phosphor plates and needle-based detectors, CR 15-X unites complete convenience with top image quality

CR 12-X

Single slot cassette and plate handling uses only two motors, resulting in minimal intervention; Covers, modules, and parts are easy to replace, with a single tool making service

CR 10-X

Versatile and cost-effective; Multiple study capabilities; Ideal for space restricted environments; Low total cost of ownership; Robust and reliable solution; Networking capabilities deliver seamless integration

Allengers Medical Systems


Mobile digital radiography systems with kW ratings of 15, 20, 32, 40 and 50; 17-inch touchscreen operating console; Battery powered, motor assisted, separate power pack for X-ray generator, motor drive, and console PC


Light-weight mobile DR system; Most suitable for fast bedside radiography; Compact foot print enables it to be wheeled in space constrained areas; 6 and 15 KW models


Single detector fixed DR system ceiling free stand and mobile tables; 15/30/40/50/65 and 80 kW generators; Full system integration software with IntegraX


Single detector fixed DR system with U-Arm; 15/30/40/50/65 and 80 kW generators; Bucky is fitted with anti-collision device to protect the detector assembly; Full system integration with IntegraX


6/20 kW systems; 1kx1k imaging chain; Iso Motorized ‘c’


Remote controlled RF table/X-ray system; Zero radiation to radiologist during investigation; 1kx1k imaging chain with DS; FPD and II based, as per users choice


3.5 kW; HF technology; Fully microcontroller based system


3.5/6 kW systems; Less skin dose due to 50 kHz generator; Green image LDHD imaging memory; Powered by LDHD imaging chain


Modular design HF C-Arm; Less skin dose due to 50 kHz generator; Trolly less model also available


Ceiling suspended system with auto tracking/auto positioning feature; Preview image is available in less than 3 sec


Light-weight mobile X-ray systems with 3.5/4.2/6 KW ratings

MARS ( 3.5-30 KW )

Mobile X-Ray machines based on HF-X-Ray generation technology; In-built power pack; Compact, lightweight, and easy to move with small footprints


50 KW HF-C arm image intensifier


Lightweight conventional mobile X-ray systems with 100mA; CBM model


Fixed X-ray systems (RAD/FLUORO ) with 300/500/600 mA

MARS ( (3.5-80 KW )

Fixed X-ray systems (RAD/FLUORO )


3.5/6/15 kW systems; Less skin dose due to 50 kHz generator; Green image LDHD imaging memory; Powered by 1Kx1K imaging chain

Bet Medical 

Ziehm Surgical Mobile Imaging Systems

Highly compact design; Light weight monitor cart; Counterbalanced movement; Optimal image quality; Large C-arm opening; Object detected dose control

Ziehm Vision Interventional Mobile Imaging Systems

Advanced active cooling; Object detected dose control; Optimal counterbalanced C-arm movements; Flat-panel technology

Lilyum Series

Analog mammography system

Listem Digital Radiography System

Tilting bucky stand; Floor mounted tube stand; Mobile table; Manual collimator; Wired portable detector

BPL Medical Technologies

BPL M-Rad Pro 3.6

Ultra high frequency; Superior ergonomic design and smaller footprint

BPL M-Rad 100

Mobile X-ray solution that combines excellent manoeuvrability and user interface

BPL X-Rad 100

Fixed X-ray solution that combines excellent tube head movement and intuitive user interface

BPL H-Rad 32

32 kW high frequency fixed X-Ray solution that combines excellent image quality and comprehensive user interface

BPL C RAY Pro (C-Arm)

BPL C Ray Pro provides an efficient workflow solution in surgical imaging through its intuitive and user friendly touch control panel; Comes with superior design for effortless operations and could be used for multiple clinical applications;. Regulatory approvals are pending

BPL C-Ray Prime (C-Arm)

Adds new dimensions to surgical imaging through its TouchX technology, which enables live fluoroscopy display; Real time image management; Laser aimer operations; Digital preview collimation among others from the touch control panel; Comes with superior design for effortless operations and could be used for multiple clinical applications

Carestream Health

DryView 5700 Laser Imager

Reliable and affordable laser film printing system

DryView 5950 Laser Imager

Exceptional laser imaging with simplified laser experience; Flexible, high-quality laser imaging (508 ppi resolution)

DryView 6950 Laser Imager

Exceptional image quality; Ultimate performance (650 ppi resolution)

DryView Chroma Imager

High quality color printing on paper; Supports printing on 4 standard film sizes and 2 paper sizes

DRX-Ascend System

Cost-effective DR solution; Positioning flexibility with portable, wireless DRX-1 detector

DRX-Evolution System

Unlimited positioning freedom and flexibility; Integrated DR suite powered by the innovative, cassette-sized DR detector

DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System

Mobility redefined; Long, telescoping arm and simple user interface; Faster and easier DR imaging

DRX-Excel System

Both general radiography and fluoroscopy exams in single system; Extensive SID capability; Motorized movement of tube and column; Optional DRX-1 detector

Motion Mobile X-ray System

Small, lightweight, easy-to-use digital system; Choice of manual or anatomical programmed radiography (APR) mode; 8-inch touchscreen monitor

DRX Core Detector

Wireless options for easy handling and faster workflow; Cassette size format allows easy retrofit of existing X-ray room equipment

DRX Plus Detector

It fits table bucky; No modifications are required, no retrofit, no wires, and no hassles

DRX Transportable System -Field Portable

Quickly and cost-effectively convert existing analog mobile sysytems to DR; Self-powered and rechargeable

DRX Transportable System -Universal Mobile

Compact, protective carrying case for the field portable kit makes it easy to transport to remote locations; Quickly and cost -effectively convert existing analog mobile systems to DR

Cura Healthcare


Ceiling suspended with flat panel technology; Single detector design for all position use; HF X-ray with telescopic tube holder; Completely automatic system with AEC and APR

DReam ERA-FP Single

High frequency X-ray machine with floor Rail tube support system; Flat panel technology with CsI scintillator; Fixed detector for upright/recumbent/oblique positions


Mammary rotational infrared thermographic system for breast imaging; Non-invasive, image acquisition, and processing; No contrast injection; No painful breast compression


Very high image quality at very low dose; Detector not sensitive to environmental factors


Convenient, wide, and easy operation; Color touch LCD, slim body, high frequency inverter system; Easy movement with 4 wheels


Unigamma DEXA, combination of fan and pencil beam


60mA to 300 mA HF and line frequency static and mobile x-ray for all  applications

Fujifilm India

DEVO SERIES (Retrofit Flat Panel Detectors)

Brand new series of flat panel detectors with wide choice to select from economy to premium class with excellent image quality and performance; Choice of wireless and wired panels with patented Irradiation Side Sampling (ISS) technology and dynamic visualization console advance software

DEVO II SERIES (Retrofit Flat Panel Detectors within built Memory)

Brand new premium series of flat panel detectors with wide choice to select, with excellent image quality and performance; In-built image storage capability of 100 images in the panel itself; IPX6 water resistant, lightweight, shell design for increased durability

FDR SMART F (Floor Mount DR Systems)

Ergonomically designed extremely efficient full room floor mount DR systems with seamless workflow management in variants from 40-82 kW with all advanced features; Choice of wired/wireless flat panel DEVO detectors


Powerful and versatile mobile DR solution with 32KW that provides high speed digital image with low dose and high image quality DEVO detectors


Most flexible and upgradable FFDM platform with 50 Micron resolution; Tomosynthesis/3D mammography and biopsy, CEDM are available in the same product as optional upgrades; Comes with Hexagonal Close Pattern Detector (HCP) for fast, low dose examinations with 50 Micron resolution; High quality images for easier and early diagnosis; Dual mode tomosynthesis helps to expand the diagnostic confidence;  2D CAD and Breast Density Software can also be provided as option

FDR Visionary Suite

A next-generation premium fully automated automatic digital radiography X-ray ceiling mount system; Advanced imaging applications including automated long-length imaging, dual-energy subtraction, and tomosynthesis


Lightweight, battery operated 2.6KW mobile DR system for POC with 14x17 DEVO flat panel; Offers excellent maneuverability, instant display of images on the in-built screen

Microskan & SkanMobile (Mobile X-ray Solution)

2.6 kW and 4 kW analogue mobile X-ray solutions delivering excellent image quality and low dose

Prima TM

High-speed image processing table top CR with mammography compatibility

Drypix  Smart

Compact size and throughput is extremely high with no compromise on image quality

GE Healthcare

Optima IGS 320 (Flat Panel Cath Lab)

Cardiovascular imaging within your reach, excellent ROI, Industry high DQE and advance stent viewing applications

Optima IGS 330 (Flat Panel Cath Lab)

A true combo system designed to cater to an array of Cardio, Vascular, Neuro Interventional imaging needs

Innova IGS 520 (Flat Panel Cath Lab)

An interventional system with advanced applications that support advance cardiovascular procedures like TAVI and electrophysiology procedures

Innova IGS 530 (Flat Panel Cath Lab)

Image guided system with optimal panel size (30 x 30) for cardiovascular, neuro & vascular needs with specialized advanced appplications

Innova IGS 540 (Flat Panel Cath Lab)

A system that boasts one of the largest fields of view for vascular and interventional imaging especially for oncology

Innova IGS 620 (Flat Panel Cath Lab)

A biplane system that offers a comprehensive suite of functionality customized for wide range of EP procedures

Innova IGS 630 (Flat Panel Cath Lab)

A biplane system with Innova CT HD designed to support a variety of interventional neuroradiology and body imaging procedures

Discovery IGS 730  (Flat Panel Cath Lab)

Hybrid OR-Brings outstanding imaging technology with the added flexibility of a mobile C-arm to perform cardiac angulations without compromising detector coverage for endovascular procedures

Discovery IGS 740 (Flat Panel Cath Lab)

Hybrid OR-Free yourself from the constraints of fixed ceiling-mounted systems and rsqursquo; rails with the Discovery IGS™ 740 mobile angiography system

Senographe Crystal (Mammography)

The choice is crystal clear- makes it easy to transition to full-field digital mammography

Senographe Pristina (Mammography)

Reshape the mammography experience for the patient, radiologist and technician with a sensitive design, 3D mammo at the dose of 2D

Discovery XR656 Plus 

FlashPad digital radiography detector; Multiple images in a single sweep at a low dose; Improved sensitivity

Optima XR646

Digital radiography system with FlashPad wireless detector; Preview images in less than 3 sec

Brivo DR-F

Free-standing system with a small footprint; Large travel range and flexibility of tube rotation; Acquisition review workstation

Precision 500D

Digital-ready R&F system; Fully digital; Touchscreen monitor

Brivo XR 115

A 100mA, 200kHz, high-frequency mobile X-ray generator that has been long in the asking for good imaging across anatomies

XR 200amx

A digital-ready system that can meet your X-ray needs and budget today, gives you the freedom to upgrade to a fully integrated digital mobile solution when it aligns with your needs

XR 220amx

At the heart of this advanced, portable system is FlashPad*, our next-generation wireless digital detector. You gain the productivity, image quality and functionality of a RAD room at the point of care

Aria DXA system (Bone Mineral Density)

Advanced Bone Health imaging technology to physician offices and clinics. You get high quality images in less than 60 seconds thanks to GE’s patented narrow angle fan beam technology, highly dose efficient detector, and MultiView Image Reconstruction (MVIR)

Prodigy (Bone Mineral Density)

Dependable dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) assessment,provides precise data on soft tissue and bone composition, including bone-mineral density (BMD), lean- and fat-tissue mass, and percentage of fat.  At the same time, Prodigy streamlines your patient care and practice workflow

iDXA (Bone Mineral Density)

Research-grade analysis -Whether you’re assessing bone density, fracture risk, body composition, or pediatric development, Lunar iDXA gives you a clear glimpse inside the body

KS Biomed


Drypix  Smart

Compact size; Extremely high throughput with no compromise on image quality


Table-top; Offers enhanced processability with speed of up to 57 IPS/hr; Reading resolution – 10 Pixels/mm for all cassette sizes


High-speed image processing table-top; CR with mammography compatibility

Siemens MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova Mammography

Combines screening and diagnostic for maximum utilization in one single unit; Together with syngo Opdima, the digital biopsy and spot imaging system, stereotactic biopsies can be performed within the smallest space; Spot imaging is possible with a resolution of up to
20 lp/mm

Komega Impex

3000/3000 Nova CR Ready

Constant potential high frequency generator; Dual track, and rotating anode X-ray tube

Philips Healthcare

Primary Diagnost DR

Intuitive and faster workflow with fully integrated DR system.  Images are available on screen just six seconds after acquisition

DuraDiagnost DR

Versatile single detector DR system; High reliability with proven DR technology;  Outstanding workflow efficiency with two DR detectors in one room

DigitalDiagnost DR

High patient volume configuration for fast-paced hospitals and trauma environments;  Convenient workflow with the ergonomic moveable vertical stand

CombiDiagnost DR

Remote controlled premium fluoroscopy system in combination with high-end digital radiography, high quality images, a fully digital workflow, dynamic UNIQUE image processing, and excellent dose management features

MobileDiagnost M50

Small, fast, and flexible; delivers quality diagnostic images on a managed budget; moves through crowded spaces in the OR, ER, ICU, and general wards with freedom and ease, bringing digital imaging right to the bedside

Microdose SI (Digital Mammography)

Based on photon-counting technology for generating mammograms; High detail resolution for clear characterization of small structures such as microcalcifications; High contrast resolution for visualization of tissues with similar densities

MobileDiagnost WDR

Battery operated Mobile DR system used for higher throughput and effiecient workflow, collapsible column makes it more compact. Apt for OT and sterile environment

Prognosys Medical Systems

ProRad 2FC
(Floor to ceiling  HF X-ray System)

Floor mounted DR system integrated with a high frequency X-ray generator, a tilting vertical bucky, mobile X-ray table, image work station, canon DR software, and Canon CXDI with high DQE to provide best in class image quality at a lower dose

ProRad 2FC
(Floor-mounted DR)

The floor mounted system is very versatile and robust with light weight design; X-ray tube support system is characterized by its simple and functional design

ProRad 3 NC

Ceiling suspended DR system; Offers greater access, comfort, and convenience all along maintaining exceptional image quality

ProRad Atlas 

Mobile X-ray unit; Employs a compact and lightweight design and the counterbalanced swivel-arm system

ProRad Premium Plus

Range of C-arms with extensive focus on- stability of the mechanicals, safety for the operating surgeon and patient, and greater clarity in images and DIP memory



A fully motorized moving system that enables access even to tight spaces and slightly inclined hallways


Innovative and cutting-edge ceiling type digital radiography system; Offers superior image performance and improved throughput


Designed for premium usability, U-arm digital radiography system that offers enhanced clinical productivity and low-dose, high-quality imaging


Floor type digital radiography system that meets the essential needs for great performance, reliable output, and easy and fast operation


State-of-the-art wireless detector that increases the patient throughput and diagnostic confidence with sharp digital image quality


Full spectrum imaging; QuickScan; Auto-IMT and second-stage filtering techniques for both grey scale and contrast resolution

Shimadzu Medical India

RADspeed Pro V4 package

Simplifies operations by combining the control console for the X-ray high voltage generator with the control unit for the DR system


Fully counter-balanced C-arm provides extra-light and quick C-arm movements and positioning


Provides high image quality minimizing X-ray dose levels, and is easy to operate


Numerous system configurations easily accommodate a wide variety of examination



Ultra-light mobile HF X-ray (<55 kg), 2.8 kW, 200 kHz, 60 mA with APR; Hand-held plus integrated console for setting and exposure; ± 90° collimator rotation; Tube-head rotation; Suitable for NICU, ICU, trauma, ortho, and ambulance

MicroSkan Ion

Battery-operated version of MicroSkan; Providing up to 200 exposures in ideal conditions on full charge, 2.8 kW, 200 kHz, 60 mA with APR; Hand held plus integrated console for setting and exposure; ± 90° collimator rotation; Tube-head rotation; Suitable for NICU, ICU, trauma, ortho, and ambulance

MicroSkan DR

Trolley; Ultra-light mobile HF X-ray with DR; 2.8 kW, 200 kHz, 60 mA with APR; Flat-panel detector with ISS and smart switch technology


200 kHz, 4 kW, 100 mA mobile HF X-ray; Draws clean power from mains; Negligible leakage radiation; Easy to move (<85 kg); ± 90° collimator rotation; Tube-head rotation; Suitable for NICU, ICU, trauma, and ortho

Skanmobile Digi

200 kHz, 4 kW, 100 mA mobile HF X-ray with computed radiography; True flat scan path technology; Large touchscreen with intuitive interface; 200,000 plus artefact free images; Negligible leakage radiation; PACS-ready and DICOM compatible images; ± 90° collimator rotation; Tube-head rotation; Suitable for NICU, ICU, trauma, and ortho

Skan DR

45–80 kW HF flat panel digital radiography platform; kVp range: 50–150; mA range: 160–1000; 16-bit dynamic range; 16 inch×16 inch/17 inch×17 inch CsI flat panel detector; Intelligent anti-collision system; All movements motorized; I+C32 integrated auto-positioning

Skan RAD

32-50 kW HF fixed RAD system; kVp range: 40–25 kV; mA range: 40–600 mA; Fail-safe break operation; Rotating anode with dual focus spots

IntraSkan DC

Dental X-ray has packed the power and intelligence with latest dual microprocessors to enhance the convenience of the clinician and patients; Sleek console with graphical LCD, displays exposure parameters, modes of operations, and self-diagnostic messages

IntraSkan Digi

Innovative and flexible dental sensor with the best CMOS technology, to get better diagnosis with outstanding images, saving both valuable time and space

Surgical Imaging (C-Arms)-Skan C

3.5 kW, 100 kHz HF Flouro; kVp range: 40-110; mA range: 0.2-10; 1k × 1k imaging; 9 inch triple-field IITV, CAN controlled IRIS collimation; Pulse fluoroscopy mode; Vascular mode with DSA, trace, and road map


Elite CArm (Kiran)

Functionality and mobility in a compact design with intuitive positioning; Software modularity; Better view and high quality imaging; Lower dose; Network connectivity

Infinity CArm (Kiran)

Functionality and mobility in a compact design with intuitive positioning; Image acquisition, processing, management, and storage; Better view and high quality imaging on LED monitor

Ultisys DR (Kiran)

Versatile radiography system that offers a cost effective setup with a high degree of clinical flexibility; Provides scalability with a wide range of generator options and easy upgrade path to a full digital radiography system




Digital version