Endoscopy Equipment




Krishna Medi Equipments

VC-1000 Coloscope

Fashionable appearance, convenient design; Dismountable light source; Image freeze and auto-focus; Adopt color digital CCD camera with high resolution and clarity

Olympus Medical Systems

Tracheal Intubasion Fiberscope LF-GP/DP/TP

Offers portability and brighter image; Designed for wide range of intubation techniques

EVIS EXERA III Video Gastrointestinal Scope GIF-HQ190

Ground-breaking resolution, with dual focus controlled magnification for advance diagnosis; Brighter, more powerful narrow band imaging; Outstanding, true-to-life HD image quality


Diamond Fibrelight Laryngoscope Range

Fully interchangeable, internationally compatible laryngoscope system for brighter light, premium quality, and performance for life; Excellent fibre optics and gold switch contacts

Premier Fibrelight and Conventional Laryngoscope Ranges

Waterproof standard handle for easy sterilization; Penlight handle with improved balance and smaller blades; Stubby handle to facilitate difficult intubation on short neck or barrel-chested patient

McCoy Laryngoscope Range

Greater flexibility and improved control in wide selection of difficult intubation cases

CS 9805C Colposcope

Digital video colposcope with super HAD color CCD and high-speed DSP; Long-life and ultra bright circular LED group light source; Enables fast focusing, zooming, light source, image freeze, and electronic green filter all in a hand-held unit

Richard Wolf


Extremely light-intense with improved edge sharpness and optimized sharpness gradient over the entire image

Flexible Sensor Naso-Pharyngo-Laryngoscope

Opto-electronic endoscope with a video chip installed at the distal end; Full-screen image based on sensor technology

Stryker India

Crossfire Arthroscopic Resection System

Hybrid platform, can operate motor and RF functionality in one revolutionary solution; Uses bipolar RF technology to generate a controlled area of ionized particles; Crossfire rapidly removes tissue through vaporization

Ideal Eyes

2.9 mm laparoscopes; Designed to accommodate small anatomical structures while combining high definition imaging with optimal contrast and resolution for an unrivaled optical performance



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