Johnson & Johnson

Smart Touch ThermoCool and Navistar Thermocool

Contact force sensing catheter


Ultrasound catheters; Identify and map the comprehensive cardiac anatomy; Monitor tip-to-tissue contact with the green tip overlay feature


Diagnostic cardiovascular navigational catheters; Seamless integration with innovative CARTO 3 System

Maquet Medical

Venous Return Catheters

Single-, 2-, and 3-stage catheters made of biocompatible materials; Smooth surface to minimize risk of hemolysis; Flexible and transparent with round and rigid tips

Vent Catheters

Multiple perforation profiles with and without a central opening; Various sizes, pre-bent tip, integrated and malleable stylet, malleable body, and vacuum valve

Poly Medicure

Umbilical Catheter

Atraumatic, soft rounded open distal tip to reduce vascular trauma; Tube with radio-opaque line

Foley Balloon Catheters

Made of silicone elastomer bonded with latex rubber, which can be retained in body for longer duration; Symmetrical foley balloon to ensure upright tip in urinary bladder for proper drainage of urine

Ultra Cath Novo-Straight

Suitable for effective drainage after cardio-thoracic and thoracic surgery; Atraumatic and rounded open distal end with smooth eyes


Haemodialysis catheter; Made up of specially formulated and biocompatible polyurethane material




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