BP Monitors




American Megatrends India


Wireless health monitor that measures BP, oxygen saturation, pulse, and body temperature on smartphone/tablet; Comfit wrap BP cuff for easy-to-use; Auto calibration

Arkray Healthcare

Trustcheck Ace

WHO risk category indicators; Multi-user function

Trustcheck Xpert

Personal target function; Irregular heartbeat detection

BPL Medical Technologies

BPL Cardioline walk200b

Data is transferred to Cube ABPM Software via Bluetooth

BPL 120/80 B1

Automatic pressurization; Large LCD display; Irregular heartbeat detection; WHO blood pressure classification indicator; 120 memories in 4 groups and auto shut-off

BPL 120/80 B3

Automatic pressurization; WHO blood pressure classification indicator; 120 memories; Digital error messages; Low battery indicator and auto shut-off

BPL 120/80 B5

Automatic pressurization; WHO blood pressure classification indicator; Efficient measuring technology; Irregular heartbeat detection; Ultra-quiet design, last 3 results average; Measurement while inflation; Hypertension indication and cuff self test

BPL 120/80 B7

Wrist blood pressure monitor features automatic pressurization; Large LCD display; 120 memories; Irregular heartbeat detection; Low battery indicator and auto shut-off

BPL 120/80 B8

Ultra-quiet design; Efficient measuring technology; WHO blood pressure classification indicator; Irregular heartbeat detection and last 3 results average

EMCO Meditek

NIBP With Pulse Oximeter 4040

Oscilliometric method measuring systolic, diastolic, MPA, and pulse rate; User selectable initial inflation pressure

Industrial Electronic & Allied Products

Mercurial BP–Super Deluxe

Automatic deflation latex bladder and bulb

Mercurial BP – Deluxe

Special cuff design

Mercurial BP Wall Velcro

Strong and sturdy with extra rubber tubing

Mercurial BP Stand Deluxe

Cuff with extra velcro fastening, coil rubber tubing

Mercurial BP-Stand Model with Adjustable Height

Specially designed for ICU, ICCU, and OT facility to adjust the height according to need

Dial BP – Deluxe with FCF

Field calibration feature


Mercurial BP – Aqua/Sapphire

Metallic finish, special cuff

Industrial Electronic & Allied Products

LED Deluxe BP

Rising spot LED, separate LCD for pressure display, dual power, and low battery consumption

LCD Super Deluxe BP

Pressure readout on LCD, latex cuff with adv, battery cum USB adapter

LCD Oyester, LED Pearl (Desk Top, Wall, Stand Type )

Useful in clinics/hospitals, designed for multi-purpose utility, re-chargeable battery, and built-in charging

Dial BP – Clock model Galaxy & Decent

Big size dial with tilting facility, coiled, expandable cuff tubing, suitable in wards, OTs, ICUs, and ICCUs

Dial BP with Built-in Stethoscope

Works on proven and universally accepted method, special cuff with proper placement of stethoscope, constant speed deflation valve, and portable to carry

Digital BP Semi-Automatic BPDG013/023

Average function, memory with real-time clock and date, low battery consumption, auto-deflation, and exhaust

Digital BP- Fully Automatic BPDG014/024/124/224/324

Auto-inflation, deflation and exhaust, average function; Memory with date and time

Medsource Ozone Biomedicals

Ozocheck BP Monitor

Fully automatic; With adapters; LCD display; 120 readings storage; Automatic shut-off;  Hypertension indicator and irregular heartbeat detection

Nectar Life Sciences


Fully auto arm type monitor; Large display and storage of 120 results with high result accuracy of 3mm/Hg; Provides easy, accurate, and reliable testing


Arm type deluxe model with large display

Nulife Global Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd.


Automatically detects and provides proper pressure to the cuff; Accuracy: pressure ±3mmHg (0.4kPa)/pulse ±5% of the reading


Built-in high capacity lithium battery-750 mAh


Accuracy: pressure ±3mmHg(0.4kPa) and pulse ±5% of the reading

Omron Healthcare India


Hypertension and blood pressure level indicator; Detects irregular heartbeat; Easy one touch operation


Body movement indicator; Blood pressure level indicator


Hypertension indicator; Detects irregular heartbeat; With simple one touch operation and intellisense technology


Blood pressure and body movement indicator


Detects irregular heartbeat and hypertension


Blood pressure and hypertension level indicator


Body movement indicator; Detects irregular heartbeat; Hypertension indicator


Body movement indicator; Detects irregular heartbeat; Hypertension indicator


Easy one-touch operation and intellisense technology


Blood pressure indicator with positioning sensor and intellisense technology


Body movement indicator; Hypertension indicator; Detects irregular heartbeat


Automatic blood pressure monitor with easy-to-read display; Customized printed results with image/logo upload functions


Accurate and reliable; Dual measurement mode and oscillometric technology


Dynamic linear deflation method; Ergonomic design


Dynamic linear deflation method; Zero indicator function; AAMI precision standards for accuracy

HEM 7130

Blood pressure and body movement indicator with medium cuff



PARR PRO technology; Features arrhythmia detection (ARR), atrial fibrillation detection (AFib), premature contraction detection (PC), tachycardia detection (TACH), and bradycardia detection (BRAD)


PARR automatic blood pressure monitor

X5 Bluetooth

Bluetooth low energy technology


Digital korotkoff technology; Hypertension risk indication; Irregular heartbeat detection (IHB)

Schiller Healthcare


Ambulatory blood pressure recorder


Real-time display with waveform and measurements; BP readings initiated automatically or manually




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