Flow Cytometers




Bio-Rad Laboratories

 ZE5 Cell Analyzer

User-friendly design; Design and run complex multi-parameter panels; Seamlessly load samples

S3e Cell Sorter

Fully automatic, compact system; 2 lasers, 4 colours, automatic drop delay


Latest platform launched for single cell studies


CyFlow Counter

Fully equipped robust desktop flow cytometer for easy monitoring of HIV by CD4/CD3/CD8 T cell counting, and CD4 percent determination

CyFlow Cube

Compact bench-top flow cytometer for analysis of single cell and microscopic particles with high grade of integration using up to 3 lasers and 6 fluorescent parameters with forward and side scatter

CyFlow Ploidy

Compact flow cytometer for ploidy analysis; High-resolution DNA and genome analysis for plants, animals, and microorganisms

CyFlow Space

Flexible and modular multi-laser flow cytometer with high performance which offers the most flexible, simple, and reliable features for routine and research work



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