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Akhil Systems

Miracle EMR

Miracle EMR is a web-based clinical solution for any healthcare setting combining clinical patient records with labs, prescription writing, procedures, and much more

Miracle EMR Mobile Applications

Miracle EMR App is available on Windows 8 mobiles and tablets

Agfa Healthcare

ECM – HYDMedia

Supports enterprise resource workflows such as integration into SAP ERP or HIS and helps to acquire and archive digital documents in an auditable manner with direct links to the original source and an entry within the electronic patient record (EPR)

Enterpise Imaging

Consolidated enterprise imaging approach allows physicians and care providers at all stages of the care continuum to have unified access to patients’ medical reports and clinically relevant imaging data that enrich the patient’s visual healthcare infographic

Alliance Transfusion

AT Strides Blood Bank Management Software

Most widely accepted software across India with more than 50 users with capabilities such as donor and recipient vigilance, QC self-check module; Most dynamic solution for management of any transfusion service

Draeger Medical India

Infinity Gateway

Enables seamless integration with hospital’s existing IT infrastructure; Remotely view patient data, via web, PCs, or PDAs

Infinity Symphony

Web-based application that expands your access to valuable patient information stored on the infinity central solution

Innovian Solution

Provides comprehensive, up-to-date information supports, and integrates electronic documentation


Fanem Connect

Realtime remote monitoring of fanem devices; Live graphical and trend view of the parameters; Data can be stored for future reference and disease predictions

 Fujifilm India

Synapse PACS

Ensures diagnostic confidence, patient data security, interoperability by complying the industry healthcare IT standards like DIACAP (Highest level of security certification), Integrating healthcare Enterprise (IHE) profiles, DICOM, HL7,HIPPA, and FDA certifications

Synapse 3D

Advanced visualization software that enhances and advances patient care; High image quality improves confidence; Enterprise-wide solutions allow easy access; Application tools are clinically relevant and FDA approved; Focused advanced visualization modules for radiologist, cardiologist, surgeons, pulmonologist/bronchoscopist, neurologist, urologist, dental/maxillofacial, orthopedist, podiatrist, oncology

GE Healthcare

Centricity RISi

Information workflow management solution for radiology, cadiology, and nuclear medicine department; 15 plus modules intended for patient data administration, exam planning, workflow monitoring, reporting, cross enterprise reporting/multisite reporting (from performing to documenting the exam), and presentation of results for reporting, results distribution and final archiving

Centricity Universal Viewer

Provides an enterprise imaging solution with the flexibility to meet an organization’s needs; Powerful unified workspace for radiologists, cardiologists and other clinicians; Centricity universal viewer brings together intelligent tools, enhanced usability and access, advanced visualization, breast imaging, and cardiology image review, and analysis; Helps to increase efficiency and simplify information access with a single application for 2D, basic 3D, and advanced image analysis applications thus enabling holistic radiology, cardiology, oncology, and other specialty work flows

Centricity Universal Viewer ZFP

Provides clinicians, radiologists, and specialists enterprise-wide and community-wide access to radiology data from anywhere on the user’s device of choice; Helps physicians view the clinical content that is available for a patient across the longitudinal care continuum; Both DICOM and Non-DICOM data and XDS Data (Cross–Enterprise Document Sharing) content can be viewed in a single solution; Centricity Universal Viewer ZFP increase user satisfaction by allowing clinicians to use the device of their choice for eg: Windows-based PCs, Mac, iPad, and Galaxy tablet devices

Centricity Clinical Archive

Robust, patient-centric solution for seamless image and document consolidation and access; Open solution that unifies and intelligently manages patient data, images and enterprise content; Provides healthcare teams with efficient access to data whenever and wherever needed


Comprehensive, proactive radiation management program; Enterprise-wide dose management solution designed to automatically collect and analyze patient radiation and iodine exposure across multi-facility, multi-modality, and multi-vendor imaging environments

Healthcare Insights

Flexible, secure, easy-to-use, web-based analytics platform designed to extract and analyze big data across the healthcare system; Ready-to-go analytics app with dashboards to help transform data into actionable insights to drive outcomes

Centricity Anaesthesia

User interface to support easy and fast documentation in anesthesia environment; Optional planning and documentation throughout perioperative patient process; Automated data collection

Centricity Critical Care 8.0

Clinically focused, patient centric information system; Enhanced drug and fluids section; Predefined medication protocol; Integrated database maintenance tools

Manorama Infosolutions

Lifeline Enterprise HIMS

Integrated cloud based modular solution with centralized architecture for the healthcare providers from a single hospital to a national health framework facilitating consolidation of data, interoperability and health information exchange

Lifeline E-Clinic

A web based ERP for hospitals and clinics with the features and functionality of an HIMS including a built-in database with common procedures and automated patient data collection and retrieval

Lifeline Telemedicine

Web based videoconferencing software connecting patients to specialists for health care from remote locations. It records and captures patient information in real-time, capturing vitals via sensors in the EMR linked with hospital information system and provides timely healthcare services

Lifeline Lab In Bag

Clinical IoT middleware which can be easily interfaced with any point-of-care medical devices. A portable point of care (IoT) device providing real-time lab quality results by analyzing the patient’s blood and routing the results to EMR for physician view for quick treatment

Lifeline EMR/EHR

Electronic medical records for various specialties with built-in templates for collecting entire Patient Health information comprising of clinical history, examination, Diagnosis and treatment plan along with ability of ordering procedures, services, and prescription

Lifeline CardioScience

Cardiothoracic EMR with an ability to serve cardiaothoracic surgeons for recording the operative notes with all required patient characteristics, cardiac symptoms, diagnosis, risk factors with extensive score grids integrated with national repository

Lifeline E-Claim

Entire healthcare revenue cycle process management, including determining patient eligibility, collecting their co-pay, coding claims correctly, tracking claims, collecting payments and following up on denied claims. The application is designed to serve hospitals (eclaim Submission), insurance companies and TPA (third party administrators) for claim processing

Lifeline M Health

Mobile app integrated with EMR, allows doctors and healthcare professionals to view patient information, for timely decisions for patient treatment plans and care. Helps organizations focus on patient engagement, patient monitoring supporting healthcare workflows across the care continuum - physicians, facilities, health worker communities and patients

Lifeline Patient Portal

Links various hospitals branches/entities for online registration and appointment system through HIMS and provides patients access to personal health information from anywhere via integrated electronic health records, access to Prescription and medical reports

Philips Healthcare

e-ICU – Consultative Critical Care

Super-specialty 24×7 ICU care comparable to tertiary care hospitals

IntelliSpace Portal

Proprietary client-server architecture helps share images and results anywhere in real time; Rich set of advanced clinical applications; Multi-modality and multi-vendor compatibility


Integrated multi-modality image management system for cardiovascular information; Improves clinical workflow by providing a single access point for advanced clinical applications, multi-modality images, and reports



Private and secure web-based documentation platform; Saves turn-around time in OR; Secure access to clinical content, anytime and anywhere in the hospital


Enables remote collaboration in real time surgical setting through video conferencing, compatible with specialized telemedicine solution from PRIME 365


CranialMap Express Software

Powerful, streamlined way to incorporate sophisticated navigation into ENT procedures


Empowers with intutive navigation and delivers accuracy for intranasal and sinus surgery procedures

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