Digital Workflow




Akhil Systems

Miracle HIS

Web-based, comprehensive, and complete solution designed for automation of front office, back office, and administrative services

Miracle Express and Miracle Premium HIS

Offered to small and medium hospitals  for automation of their various departments

Miracle Enterprise HIS

Designed for automation of front office, back office, clinical, and administrative services for a single and group of hospitals and satellite clinics; Also suitable HIS for medical colleges

Miracle LIS/RIS

Offered to diagnostic centers and chains to automate the workflow of lab and radiology

Miracle PIS

Offered to pharmacy chains

Miracle Patient Portal

It’s a real time patient care portal integrated with MIRACLE HIS



Integrated digital workflow platform that improves visualization, documentation, and communication across the entire diagnostic and perioperative cycle; Coordination of information flow to allow clinicians to stay equally informed and empowered, as patients transit through the entire treatment cycle



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