Accurate Surgical

Surgical Instrument Care

Demagnetizer; Cleaning brushes; Polishing stones; Tip covers; Instrument color coding tapes

AGD Biomedicals

Micro-Pette Pipette

Accurate and precise variable pipettes for clinical chemistry analyzers

Patho Cutters

Special stainless steel blades


Rotary, large rotary, large sledge, small sledge microtome variants

Alliance Transfusion

VeinViewer Flex

US FDA cleared portable vascular access imaging device that can help find the optimal venipuncture site and avoid potential complications

VeinViewer Vision2 

The most advanced model of VeinViewer, its MaxReach capabilities allow head-to-toe patient assessment without requiring the user to re-position the base of the unit

Male infertility testing solutions (Diagnostic Kits)

Comprehensive range of specially developed instruments and accessories for sperm function and andrology testing considering their specific functional and ergonomical needs


US FDA approved DripAssist™ is a fast, accurate Infusion Rate Monitor that easily clips onto any gravity drip set to continously monitor flow rate and volume when administering IV medications

Alchem Diagnostics

Biopro Petri Dishes

Disposable, clear, sterilized, and unbreakable petri dishes

Biopro ESR Pipettes

Disposable pipettes with rubber adopter and fitted stopper to prevent blood overflowing

Biovac Blood Collection Tubes

Disposable, sterilized tubes in various sizes and anticoagulants

Non Vac Blood Collection Tubes

Disposable, sterilized tubes in various sizes and anticoagulants


Compact design, high durability, and low maintenance

Biopro Specimen Containers

Sterile/non-sterile, vacuum/non-vacuum disposable containers with good wall thickness and transparency; High quality medical grade poly propylene

Ami Polymer

Silicone Tips

Used in syringe kit to cover the syringe

Silicone Tires & Bands

Used by the doctors and surgeons in the process of ophthalmology in retinal surgery, safe and hygienic to use and it is durable

Silicone Feeding Adapter

Used in PEG tube, as feeding adapter which enables feeding through the opening or passage of nutrition feed through it

Silicone Retention Rings

Used in PEG tube to limit the tube and prevent it from dislocating

Astra Medical Systems

Steam Sterilizer

Horizontal and vertical; Rectangular and cylindrical; Available in manual, semi-auto, and fully auto; Safety features

ETO Sterilizer

Low gas consumption; Liner bag diffusion technology; Negative pressure operating chamber; Can be made to specifications

Suction Machine

Shock proof, light weight ABS (plastic) cabinet; Rocker piston pump; Heavy duty HN-50 PU castors; Non-collapsible suction tubing; Noise level of machine is 50 dB ± 03 dB

Bafna Healthcare


Patient Transport Ambulance

Non-emergency transport service for pre-arranged hospital visits and medical appointments; Not configured with monitoring or medical equipment

Basic Life Support Ambulance

Comprises auto-loader trolley, scoopstretcher, wheel chair, and spine board; Joint free seamless interior and anti-bacterial polyurethane paint; Oxygen backup for 40 hr; For transport of stable patients, psychiatric patients, or physiotherapy and dialysis appointments

Advanced Life Support Ambulance

Fully equipped to handle patients needing life support; Carry critical care equipment; Staffed by highly trained paramedics; Separate sections for storing defibrillator, cardiac monitor, and ventilator

Neonatal Ambulance

State-of-the-art facilities that are baby-friendly and manned by well-trained medical personnel; Equipped with collapsible bed, attendance sheet, special plastic medical storage cabinet, and central oxygen line system

Mother & Child Ambulance

Curtain between child and mother delivery room; Equipped with delivery table, ventilator, incubator, anesthesia, ultrasound, S.S wash basin and sink, scrub station, and folding stretcher

Multi-Patient Ambulance

For mass-casualty emergencies, offering on-site triage and testing hospital preparedness; Equipped with all the essential equipment required to treat various emergency cases

Mobile Hospital

Mobile Health solution or portable healthcare unit enabled to reach remote areas for all serious and non-serious treatments

Mobile OPD Unit 

Equipped with basic diagnostics, in-built laboratory, ECG, and X-Ray facilities; Manned by qualified doctor, EMT, cleaning attendant, gynecologist, and general physician

Mobile Counseling Unit

Provides free and anonymous voluntary counseling and testing services; Staffed with physician, counselors, laboratory technician, and volunteer peer educator

Mobile Mortuary Van

Independent service inter/intra city for transportation of dead body; Can preserve the dead body for days together; Equipped with mobile dead body freezing system

Mobile Dental Van

Equipped with dental chair and accessories required to perform a standard dental treatment; Low-cost alternative solution

Mobile Audiology Van

Double-walled audio booth and equipment that allows audiologist to perform complete hearing evaluations, hearing aid fittings, and post fitting appointments

Mobile OT

Fully equipped and fully functional operating theater; Offers immediate or temporary extension to existing medical facility

Barco Electronic Systems

Mammography Displays

Diagnostic grayscale display system or high-bright color display

Coronis and Nio Diagnostic Displays

Color, grayscale, and multi-modality systems to facilitate diagnoses with perfect image quality

Eonis and Barco MDRC Clinical Displays

Excellent image quality; For image-enabled EMR; Black and white version

Eonis Dentistry Displays

Combine excellent cleanability and a sleek, smart design with high image quality

AMM and MDSC Surgical Displays Series

Fully HD, touchscreen, ultra high-bright FHD, and large-screen surgical display

MXRT Medical Display Controllers Series

High performance, quality, and stability; Ensure ultra-fast and smooth image loading, roaming, and manipulation of images

Bedside Smart Terminals

Anti-bacterial plastics, waterproof, dustproof, silent, and tested with hospital cleaning agents

Bhavya Polymers

Silicone Rubber Braided Hose

FDA approved 

Silicone Inflatable Seals 

Can be inflated to accommodate a variable sealing gap; Prevent risk of fabric contamination in Pharma-Copia environments


epMotion Series

Automated electronic multichannel pipetting; Ergonomic design; Optional software extensions


Compact, fast, and control electroporation for transformation of bacteria and yeast cells

Galaxy Series

Stackable CO2 incubators with on-screen help menu

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

High storage capacity with energy saving; High efficiency fan, compressor, and condenser; Additional vacuum insulated panels; Full stainless steel interior; Premium seals for optimal temperature uniformity

Laboratory Consumables

Polypropylene material; Avoidance of any slip agents, plasticizers, and biocides during manufacturing

Manual Pipettes

State-of-the-art technology; Time saving single-button operation; Spring loaded tip; Quick lock

Incubator Shakers

Bench-top shakers; Audible and visual alarms; User-friendly keypad with large LED display


Bilitron 3006

Microprocessor enabled phototherapy, the smallest and the most powerful unit powered by super LED’s; Patented product with a built-in optical probe that can be used in different clinical situations

Bilitron Sky 2006

Microprocessor enabled phototherapy; Powered with 2 sets of super LEDs; Patented product with a built-in optical probe that can be used in different clinical situations

Bilitron Bed 4006

Microprocessor based double surface neonatal phototherapy which uses very low power but maximum irradiance; Uses reflective method to get the most effective irradiance possible to treat the infant

Bilitron Sky 5006

Microprocessor enabled phototherapy; Powered with 3 sets of super LEDs; Patented product with a built-in optical probe that can be used in different clinical situations

Bilitron 7006

Microprocessor-based double-surface neonatal phototherapy which uses very low power but maximum irradiance; Uses reflective methods to get the most effective irradiance possible to treat the infant

Neonatal Resuscitation Device Babypuff 1020

Neonatal resuscitation device with light case and easy transport handle; PIP and PEEP regulation valve and safety valve; Can be offered as stand-alone or integrated with different products

Babypap - Neonatal CPAP (Bubble CPAP)

Bubble CPAP, a neonatal resuscitation device comes with options of Servo/Non-Servo controlled humidifier with the most cost effective consumables there by reducing the cost of treatment

Ampla 2085 (Infant Warmer)

Infant warmer with the maximum configuration possible; Available in a basic version to the most sophisticated version

Kangaroo Warmer 1085

Infant care with the technology that is built to last; Comes with a basic configration, built with very high quality materials and finish making it an outstanding infant warmer

Transport Incubator IT 158

Well equipped incubator; T-piece and ventilator can be built in to make it even more functional

Vision 2286 (Incubator NICU)

Infant incubator which is the best in class and has a very high configurationthat can be used for very high dependency infants

Duetto 2386 (Hybrid system)

Hybrid system which can be used with very low level of infection possiblities to the infant; Built with a thought of reducing the time to clean the system and also to promote touch-less treatment


Bassinet with its signature design and comfort to the infant and the parent

Oval Baby

A bassinet which gives the style statement to a hospital and gets the family to feel a difference of being attended to

Gardner Denver

Blowers and Vacuum Pumps

Low-noise, low-maintenance blowers and vacuum pumps to sterilize instruments

Oil-free Compressors 

Source of clean air where oil carry-over is not acceptable

Centrifugal Blowers and Exhausters 

Vacuum systems to make facility clean and dust free; Available as central or portable

Dry Vacuum Pumps

Dry and contact free operation; No requirement for lubricant; No process contamination; No pollution from pump operation

Nitrogen Generators 

Reliable, on-site access to the nitrogen-rich air

Steam Jet Ejectors

Easy to install, operate, and maintain; Can handle large volumes and high vacuum levels

HiMedia Laboratories

Micropipettes and Micro-tips

Fixed volume, multi-channel, or single channel; Reduced tip attachment and ejection forces, while ensuring complete sealing

Laboratory Kits/Pack

Ready-to-use analytical rapid tests kits with broad range of applications; Fast results, simple handling, and consistently high levels of quality

Lab Consumables

Culture flasks, dishes, tubes, plates, chambers, microplates, roller bottles, filters, pipette tips, and film

Lab Equipments

Air purifier systems, air sampler systems, colony counters, electric sterilizers, transilluminators, and minicentrifuges

Microbiological Culture Media

Broad range of media formulations; Standard media and customer specified media in dehydrated form for use in different fields

Animal Cell Culture Products

Broad range of classical media, balanced salt solutions, reagents, sera, consumables and plasticware, chemicals, and biochemicals

Density Gradient Separation Media

For isolation of lymphocytes and granulocytes from defribinated EDTA or heparin treated blood


High quality, safe, and reliable chemicals and reagents solutions, acids and bases in uncommon concentrations, salts of the sulfonics acids, buffers, and dye

Industrial Electronics & Allied Products

Stethoscope-Double Chest Piece

Sensitive, dual chest piece, and spring binaural

Stethoscope Flat Chest Piece

Suitable for BP measurement, fits easily under the pressure cuff, soft ear tips, and chrome plated binaural

Stethoscope Pediatric

Best ausculation in pediatric, high acoustic, and single lumen tubing

Stethoscope Cardiology

SS chest piece and binaural, superb acoustic sensitivity, and special tubing

Stethoscope Deluxe

Dual-sided brass chest piece with high sensitivity

Orthopedic Devices/ Tourniquets/Spare Cuffs-Electronic Tourniquet - Single Cuff

Fully automatic, microprocessor based, battery operated with alarms, and positive locking connectors for cuffs

Electronic Tourniquet - Dual Cuff

Fully automatic, set of 3 dual cuffs and 6 single cuffs, microprocessor based, battery operated, intelligent alarms, and positive locking connectors for cuffs

Electronic Tourniquet - Single Cuff (Silicon Autoclavable)

Battery operated, microcontroller based system, intelligent alarms, PLC connectors, and autoclavable cuffs

Manual Tourniquet - Wall & Stand Mount

Pressure gauge (0-500 mmHg), NRV protection, PLC connectors, and separate cuff presure controls

J.K. Ansell


Advanced powder-free latex gloves for general surgery

Medigrip Sterile and Non-Sterile

Durable latex surgical gloves with added sensitivity

Encore Surgical Gloves

Advanced levels of ergonomics, dexterity, and comfort during surgery; Secure barrier against blood-borne pathogens and other harmful agents

Microtouch Examination Gloves

Available in powdered and powder-free latex; Nitrile, neoprene, and vinyl options are available as latex alternative; Impenetrable barrier against viruses, harmful micro-organisms, chemicals, and detergents


OT and ICU Pendants

Single or double arm pendants; Motorized and pneumatic options; Surgical, bridge, anesthesia, endoscopy/abdominal pendants

MP Biomedicals


Room temperature incubators with hot chimney, hot box or chamber, hot filters, and flow meter

7X Glassware Detergents

Safe and effective cleaning solutions; Environmentally safe, phosphate-free formulations; Drains completely from glassware in seconds; Cleans glass and/or plastic labware


Pipettes and pipette tips, electrophoresis and blotting apparatus, plating tools, multiwell slides, and transfer membranes

Natroyal Group


Excellent resistance to scratches, abrasion, soiling, and staining

Nectar Lifesciences

Dr Trust Adult Diaper

Easy-to-use and comfortable

Dr Trust Nebulizer

Converts prescribed medication into aerosol mist for easy inhalation; Easy to clean


Plaster of Paris bandage; Suitable for instant use and for treatment after surgery or fracture; Powder covers gauze completely; Fast setting abilities and reliable casting


Variable volume micro-pipette; Single channel; Lightweight ergonomic design; Digital display

Necpette 8 Channel

Variable volume micro-pipette; Rotating dispensing head; Individual piston/tip cone assemblies; Compound material tip cone design

Nulife Global Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd.

Needle Burner & Syringe Destroyer

Shock proof, fuse protection, and negligible power consumption as compared to conventional models, thus saving on power and money

ORIGIO India, a CooperSurgical Company - Our Brands - SAGE, Medi-Cult, K System, Wallace, RI, TPC, CooperGenomics (ART Compnay)

Needles & Catheters - Wallace & Origio


Workstations and Laminar Flow - K System & Origio

Approved for IUI, IVF

Pipettes & Disposables - TPC & Origio

Approved for IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI

Culture Media - SAGE & Medi-Cult

Full range for IUI, IVI, ICSI, cryopreservation/vetrification

RI Micromanipulators/Lasers/IMSI - RI

Best in class for ICSI, biopsy etc

Benchtop Incubators, AV tables - Origio

Approved for IUI, IVI, ICSI

PSI Marketing

High Pressure Autoclaves

Double chamber high pressure autoclave

CSSD Sterilization Equipment and Consumable

ETO/ Steam chemical indicators; Disposable non-woven wrap; 3 line label gun; Bowie-dick test; Sterilisation packing reels; Sealing and gauze cutting machines; Ultrasonic cleaners; Formalin chambers

Operation Theatre Equipment

LED OT lights – ceiling/stand; OT tables and gel-pads; Surgical diode laser for EVLT; LED X-Ray view box; Fogging machines

Pediatric Equipment

Radiant warmers;  Phototherapy – CFL/LED/BILIPAD; Resuscitation trolley, CPAP; Jaundice detector; Flux meter; Fetal doppler; Vein finder; Oxygen hoods; Slow suction; Infantometers; Baby weighing scale

Sandor Medicaids

iStan Patient Simulator

Combining true physiological modeling with high fidelity and wireless technology

Caesar Trauma Patient Simulator

Can perform water-based decontamination operations and perfect high-angle rescue operations

EndoVR Interventional Simulator

All-in-one simulator for both gastrointestinal and bronchial training

CathLabVR Interventional Simulator

Learners can perform a trans-catheter aortic valve placement, carotid artery angioplasty and stenting, and more to gain confidence for procedures performed in the OR

VIMEDIX Ob/Gyn Ultrasound Simulator

Supports second trimester scanning as well as endovaginal ultrasound scan for the first trimester

VIMEDIX Ultrasound Simulator

Supports transthoracic echocardiography (TTE), transesophogeal echocardiography (TEE), and abdominal/pelvic scanning on one platform

Skanray Technologies


Skansterili 23 L

Class B autoclave; Sterilization Temp: 121°C, 134°C.; Three testing systems (Bowie & Dick
Test, Vacuum Test, and Helix Test) with two special program HIV, HBV long-sterilization program and electromechanical triple protection system ensures that the door is locked and the chamber is perfectly sealed; Built-in water tank for easy cleaning

Skanray Airmotor Set (straight, contra)

Self-lubricating air motor with distinctive design; Separate water and air compartment; Dust-proof cover on the head of straight hand-piece; Adopts imported bearing on contra-angle with rotation speed of 18000 to 21000 rpm

Skanray Push Button Airotor

Built-in anti-retraction system is to prevent the blood, viruses splash into the hand-piece head, which is more durable than normal hand-piece;1mm-slim body design, provides maximum visibility of the operating field, easily reaching all areas of the oral cavity; Ceramic bearing cartridge with super torque; Speed up to 400000 rpm

Skanray Compressor
1.5 HP / 1 HP

Voltage / Frequency: 220 / 230 V 50 / 60 Hz; Free air delivery: 80 / 100 L/min; Tank capacity: 30 L; ON/OFF pressure : 5.5 / 7.2 bar; Power: 0.75 HP / 1 HP / 1.5 HP; Noise level: 65 dB(A) at 1 m distance

Skanray Suction

Voltage / Frequency: 220/230 V 50/60 Hz; Suction capacity: 40 to 1050 m3/hr; Max. pressure: 40 kPa; Max. vacuum : -30 kPa; Power: 0.25 kW; Noise level: 55 dB(A) at 1 m distance

Skanray Handpiece Lubricator

Automatic handpiece cleaning and lubricating system; Three hand-pieces can be cleaned and lubricated simultaneously; Rotating gear effectively and efficiently cleans and lubricates contra angle handpiece; Option to select the lubrication setting time

SNG – Sun Narula Group

Ceiling Supply Pendants-IC10 Ultra Slim, Critical Care

Made from high-strength aluminium alloy with electrostatic epoxy powder coating; 340 degree rotation; Loading capacity 60 kg

Ceiling Supply Pendants-IC20 Drop Down, Critical Care

Made from high-strength aluminium alloy with electrostatic epoxy powder coating. 340 degree rotation; Loading capacity 100–180 kg

AC10 Drop Down, Anesthesia

Made from high-strength aluminium alloy with electrostatic epoxy powder coating; 340-degree rotation; Loading capacity 120–180 kg

AC20 Single Arm, Anesthesia

Made from high-strength aluminium alloy with electrostatic epoxy powder coating; 340-degree rotation; Loading capacity 100–180 kg

SC10 Drop Down, Surgical, SC20 Single Arm

Made from high-strength aluminium alloy with electrostatic epoxy powder coating; 340-degree rotation; Loading capacity 120–180 kg

Modular Operation Theater

Latest technology in the following makes - GI, NMA, Glass, and SS

Healthcare Automation

Auotmated Laundry and Waste Systems

Latest transpotation solution for hospital laundry and waste

Automated Drug Management Systems

Customized solution for IP and OP pharmacies

Pneumatic Tube Solutions from Swisslog

For spontaneous, non-planned transports of goods; PC-controlled with high system availability

Stephan Design and Engineering


Ergonomically designed structure to enhance faster workflow; Designed to give utmost utility to the user

NRx Patient Transfer System

Vibration less horizontal transition; Minimal extraneous movement; Semi-automatic operation

Stephan Operation Theatre Pendants

Made of high grade aluminum alloy; Corrosion free pendants by electrostatic powder coating

Stephan Nurse Call System

Can be integrated with UMAI alarms and help alarms

Stephan Wired and Wireless Nurse Call System

Reduces project execution costing by eliminating cabling and conduiting

Stephan Bed Head Panels

Integrates the medical gas pipeline electricals and nurse call system into one



Advanced dual-based surfactant system; Excellent cleaning performance across all water types without the common constraints of enzymatic detergents, such as soaking time and water temperature


Superior rinsing ability: Hydrophillic surfactant base rinses freely after soil penetration, preventing redistribution, and adhesion of biofilm particulate

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Revco Series

High-performance lab refrigerators with glass doors,  microprocessor control system, positive airflow systems, industrial-quality cabinet construction, and extra-strength refrigeration compressors

CryoPlus Series

Lab storage system with ideal combination of liquid nitrogen, storage reliability, and microprocessor technology

Veriti Dx 

Thermal cycler with standard 96-well, fast 96-well, and standard 384-well system; Easy-to-operate color touch screen; 6 precise and independent temperatures

Heracell 150i and 240i

CO2 incubators with stainless-steel chambers; clean, reliable, easy-to-use, and convenient touchscreen user-interface

Forma Series II 3110 

Water-jacketed CO2 incubators with a choice of TC or IR sensors; Recovery characteristics with innovative, continuous contamination control technology

Heratherm Compact Microbiological Incubators Series

Small bench-top incubators; Operates in temperatures at or below ambient; Internal light and window in door; Easy-to-use interface

SPD1010 and SPD2010 Integrated SpeedVac Systems

Compact and quiet vacuum concentrator systems for fast installation, programming, and operation

Heratherm Advanced Protocol Ovens

Sophisticated timer, precise temperature uniformity, and low energy-consumption; Mechanical or gravity convection technology

Sorvall BIOS 16

Bioprocessing compact centrifuge with enhanced capacity of up to 16 liters of sample volume; Innovative features to optimize operations, maximize productivity, and simplify efficiency

Sorvall Legend Micro 17

Compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use microcentrifuge with 7 optional rotors, intuitive controls, easy-to-read displays, and fast one-click centrifuge lid closure

MicroCL Series

Compact, lightweight microcentrifuge with 7 optional rotors; Ergonomic one-click rotor opening and closing; Intuitive controls and easy-to-read display

Sorvall Legend XT/XF Series 

High-performance benchtop centrifuge; Intuitive control panel and digital display; Auto-lock III rotor system; ClickSeal bucket sealing system; SMARTSpin technology; Space-saving design

Sorvall Ultracentrifuge Series

Compact ultracentrifuges with outstanding speed, safety, and ergonomics

1300 Series Class II

Cabinet with adjustable height stand, factory installed UV light, and one set of armrests; Proprietary airflow design, ergonomic, and energy efficient

Safe 2020 Class II

Cabinets combined with the night-set-back mode (reduced blower speed when the window is closed); Energy efficient; Smart flow digital technology

Heraguard ECO Clean Bench

Optimal efficiency, safety, and functionality; Dual DC motors for low energy consumption

Herasafe KS (NSF) Class II, Type A2

Automated airflow compensation; Spacious work area with comfortable armrests, and an intuitive eye-level control with hand-held controls

Maxisafe 2020 Class II

Advanced design for easy operation in research, pharmaceutical quality control labs, pharmacies, and clinics/hospitals; Safety levels 1 to 3; Triple-filter technology and Smart flow digital technology

Trident Pneumatics


Automatic Drain Valves - CTD 11B

All new mechanical clean function; Proven reliability; All digital electronic circuit for time control; Adjustable drain and cycle times; Water proof IP 55 enclosures, ideal for outdoor installations

Automatic Drain Valves - EDV-X

Power and drain status indicator; ON and OFF timing adjustable; Reliable all digital electronic circuitry

Automatic Drain Valves - LDV

Electronic level control for proper draining of condensate and avoid unnecessary loss of air; Noise free; In-built fault tolerant system; Intelligent controller

Dryspell Plus Compressed Air Dryers

Provides manifold construction; Provides a shuttle valve for low pressure drop that is controlled by the microprocessor; Equipped with a built-in microprocessor based controller

Coldspell Compressed Air Dryers

Maintain consistent pressure dew point; Control condensing temperature for atmospheric variations in temperature; Advanced mimic display

Coldspell-HP Compressed Air Dryers

Large condenser for high ambient temperatures; Anti recycle controller; Anti freezer; Microprocessor controller; Advanced 3 in 1 integral heat exchanger specially made for high pressure

Locodry Compressed Air Dryers

Fixed volume automatic drain valve; Built-in pre-filter; Automatic purge control valve (optional); Non-volatile memory system; Designed for locomotive use

Membrane Dryer

Compact inline design; No electricity requirement; Maintenance free; Performs better irrespective of external environments

Onsite Oxygen Plant

Uses pressure swing adsorption method; Produce as per demand; Avoid cylinder availability issues; Avoid logistics and management problem

Nitrogen Generator

Air from the dryer is sent through the coalescing filter where the water and oil coalesce and get purged through the drain valve; Two aluminium towers filled with carbon molecular sieves are used for continuous production

Cleansweep Filters

Filters particles upto 0.01 microns; Different grades of coalesce for manifold applications

VXD-2 Filters

Compact and light weight; Removes water, oil, and solid particles; No electricity used; All aluminium resist oxidation and scale formation

Compressed Air Dryers - DP Series

Extensive mimic display with electronic controller; Energy saving purge economiser; Stainless steel filters catridges; Dewpoint based changeover optional

Blower Reactivated Air Dryer - DB Series

Dewpoint better than -40°C; Extensive mimic display with electronic controller; Energy saving purge economiser; Stainless steel filters catridges; Dewpoint based changeover optional

Heat of Compression Air Dryers - DH Series

No power requirement for regeneration; Stainless steel filters catridges; Energy efficient coolers; Fully automatic continuous operation; Low energy consumption

Medical Breathing Dryer

With guaranteed dew point performance and design simplicity


Calcium Silicate Boards

Wall ceiling panels

Microsurgical Table

Excellent body imaging; Full table functions; Low height; Narrow base profile

HVAC Systems

Excellent body imaging; Full table functions; Low height; Narrow base profile

Calcium Silicate Boards

Wall ceiling panels

Wall VinylFlooring

Wall  Flooring

Antistatic VinyL

Wall  Flooring

Automatic Manual Sliding Doors

Door solutions

OT Storage Cabinets

Control panel

Guided AirflowTM System

Ventilation systems have its unique design whereby the air supply is diagonally from the air source surface towards the operating table

Laminar System

Consists of laminar air flow plenum, HEPA filters - aluminum powder-coated perforated grills, and magnehelic gauge

HPL Boards

Fireproof, abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and ray-resistant; Easy to clean

PUF Panels

Ready to assemble for operation theaters, clean rooms, and  hospitals

OT Control Panels

Multiple X-ray viewers; Humidity and ventilation control; Medical gas alarms; Theater controls and warnings

Symposia  iDAVS

Integration Systems For digital OT

Symposia - VAiPOR

Open technology communication platform that takes input from any medical AV source including surgical video, endoscopy, medical imaging, video conferencing, and legacy AV systems

Symposia - i2i

Provides access to centralized recording and archiving

Symposia - iR3

Provides central video storage that integrates with all the video signals connected into Symposia

Antibacterial / Antifungal Paint

Superior quality, special acrylic based emulsion paint with an advanced HCT formula that can withstand hairline cracks

Swing Doors

Center continuous sealing; Hygienic noise insulation; Resistance to cleansing products and disinfectants


Synthetic polysulfore membrane; Surface area 1.5 square meter; Irremovable headers for safetyWet; Gamma sterilized with better biocompatibility

Hemodialysis Machine  DBB06

Nikkiso DBB 06 hemodialysis machine offers exceptional efficacy efficiency and reliability at an affordable life cycle cost




10 Diagnostic Imaging Trends for 2018



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