UPS Systems





Numeric Power Systems

Digital HP E Series, 5 kVA-20 kVA

Full-time EMI/RFI suppression, high efficiency, and cold start capability


Digital HP E Series, 20 kVA-60 kVA

Wide input voltage range,  high input power factor, full-time EMI/RFI suppression, and high efficiency


Numeric Power Systems

Digital HP E i 33 Series10 kVA-120 kVA

Flexible and adaptable,  IGBT rectifier, high efficiency up to 94 percent for on-line mode and up to 98 percent  for ECO mode


Digital HP E i 33 Series100 kVA-500 kVA

True online double conversion UPS systems, which are flexible and adaptable


Socomec UPS India

DMP Elite (60 to 200 kVA)

A clean IGBT rectifier which virtually eliminates harmonic distortion without filters; adapted to the supply of new IT loads with a leading power factor up to 0.9 without downgrading


Masterys Green Power(10 to 120 kVA)

Ultra-high efficiency; power factor 0.9; a comprehensive range of ultra-high efficiency UPS


Delphys Green Power(160 to 400 kVA)

Built-in transformer; unique double-conversion technology with innovative 3-level topology



UPS Systems

Online high-power UPS systems (3 phase UPS system), inverters, solar systems, and other power electronics equipment


Other Players

Advent, APC, Aplab, Base Corporation, Champion, Consul Condottedated, DB Powe, D-lnk India, E&C Power, Eaton, Elnove, Emerson, Hewlett Packard, Hi-Rel Electronics, HiTa Technology, India Industrial Power, Intex Technologies India, KLA, Luminous, Mercury, Microtek, PowerOne, Proview Powercom, Su-Kam, Techno Power, Trivitronics, TVS Electronics, Vesta, WeP Peripherals, Wipro, and Zenelac Power


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