OT Tables




Accura HealthCare

AT Electro hydro Table

Closed steel column; Remote control with logically automatic locking; Longitudinal slide of table top

AT-203 Hydraulic Table

Completely made of 304 grade stainless steel; Manually operated; Head end controlled; Strain free operation

Avasarala Technologies

IMAGE  555

Electro-hydraulic table designed perfectly for assisting in every type of surgical procedures (bariatric to pediatrics to perfect positioning)

Bet Medical 

NOT 5600S, Dr. Max Series

Longitudinal sliding; Pre-programmed functions; Detachable split type leg plates; Emergency manual release; Easy swivel castors; High patient weight bearing capacity

Tri Max 650NS

Provides better ergonomic working and patient positioning during MIS and endoscopy surgery

Care Medi System

OPX mobilis® 200 Series

Operating table of great maneuverability with manual and hydraulic adjustments

OPX mobilis® 300 Series

Universal operating tables for all surgical disciplines

OPX mobilis® RC Series

Universal operating tables with remote control; Satisfying high demands in surgery


DIAMOND operating table - A class of its own

medi-matic® 115

Examination and treatment chair for gynaecology/urology


Examination and treatment chair for gynaecology/urology/proctology


Comfortable and versatile delivery bed

Colposcope Vidan®

Full HD video precise, bright, easy to handle; World’s first integrated video colposcope with full HD 21.5-inch monitor 


OT Tables

Automatic, remote controlled C-arm imaging OT tables for all types of surgeries

Bariatric OT Tables

Low height, high load capacity tables; Adjustable width and length; Non-hydraulic leak proof design

Maquet Medical


Universal modular table with wide spectrum of height adjustment up to 1120-685 mm and patient’s weight capacity 454 kg


System table for universal application with extreme positions; Trend-antitrend  80 degree, lateral tilt 45 degree


Mobile table with maximum load capacity, maximum flexibility, and maximum comfort; Longitudinal shift and reverse mode; Sensor drive


Mobile table with arge range of positioning possibilities; Functional and versatile; Multi-layer SFC padding; Corded hand control, IR remote control, foot switch, and override panel


Mobile table with enhanced adjustment capabilities and unrivaled ease of use; Independently maneuverable column; Enhanced ergonomics; Transponder technology



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