Hygiene Sterilization and Disinfectant Products




Alliance Transfusion

Spitting Glass 

To address issue of hygiene and cleanliness arising due to body fluids and excretions; Proprietary polymer inside the glass transforms cough/spit into odorless gel form

Vomiting Bag

Proprietary  polymer inside the bag transforms vomitus into odorless gel form and can be used in home/hospital settings

HiMedia Laboratories

Professional Disinfectant

Hand sanitizer, sanitary and floor disinfectants, air disinfectant, equipment disinfectant, and cleaning solutions; Superior cleaning with speed, compatibility, and cost-effective solution

Pharmalab India

Pharmalab Steam Sterilizer

High-pressure, high-vacuum PLC-controlled, and fully automatic steam sterilizer; Complying to all international norms

Pharmalab Washer Disinfector

Fully automatic easy-loading washer-disinfector; Powerful washing system; Thermal disinfection; Shorter cycle time; Air drying; Automatic chemical dozing

Pharmalab Ultrasonic Washer

Fully automatic PLC-controlled ultrasonic washer with luer connection for hollow tube washing

Arcania Bedpan Washer

Fully automatic bedpan washer with top-loading facility; No manual contact required; Can be used as utility washer for hospital wards; In-built steam generator for disinfection

Clinox 3A

MP Biomedicals

MPX Sanitizers

Alcohol-based sanitizer with moisturizer; Benzolkonium chloride-based liquid hand soap; Pocket size spray bottle or battery-operated motion detector dispenser



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