Medical Gas Pipeline




Beacon Medaes (Atlas Copco)

mAIR Medical Air Systems

Multi-stage purification system to deliver ultra clean, purified medical air

Scroll Medical Air Systems

High-detail touchscreen displays; Embedded web server and remote monitoring; Single point connections; Fitting and connectors to reduce potential leak

Z MED Medical Air System 

All-inclusive, fully engineered modular air system; Oil-free rotary tooth compressor; Heatless desiccant dryers

Anesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems

Removes anesthetic gas mixtures; Reduced footprint, convenient height controls, and user friendly


New generation of medical vacuum systems; Remote live monitoring, and SMS text and email alerts; Color display

Lifeline MCS Manifold

Compact and fully automatic manifold control system for medical gases

Medical Gas Alarms

Robust, simple, and compact monitoring device

Gas Control Panels and Regulators

Large control knobs and dual gauge design; Changes and adjustments during surgical procedures with minimum delay and effort

Claw Lab Vacuum Systems

Dry running rotary claw; Air-cooled pump with no water requirements; Low maintenance; Automatic purge system



10 Diagnostic Imaging Trends for 2018



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