Communications and Information Technology






Akhil Systems


Miracle HIS

Web-based, comprehensive, and complete solution designed for automation of front office, back office, and administrative services


Miracle Express and Miracle  Premium HIS

Offered to small and medium hospitals  for automation of their various departments


Miracle EMR

MIRACLE EMR is a web-based clinical solution for any healthcare setting combining clinical patient records with labs, prescription writing, procedures, and much more



Offered to diagnostic centers and chains to automate the workflow of lab and radiology



Offered to pharmacy chains


MIRACLE Patient Portal

It’s a real time patient care portal integrated with MIRACLE HIS


Akhil Health World

It’s a healthportal for everyone through which you can find doctors, see your medical records and many more


MIRACLE EMR Mobile Applications

Miracle EMR App is available on Windows 8 mobiles and tablets


Medisoft Telemedicine

Tele Doctor 4.0

Integrated telemedicine system.



Innovative web based telemedicine application.


MCC – Medical Call Center

To provide easy and instant access to medical. The user calls unique number and can connect to paramedic and doctor at medical call center.


Philips Healthcare

e-ICU – Consultative Critical Care

Super-Specialty 24×7 ICU care comparable to tertiary care hospitals; Drop in ICU mortality rate;  reduction in ICU management cost


IntelliSpace Portal

Proprietary client-server architecture helps share images and results anywhere in real time; rich set of advanced clinical applications; multi-modality and multi-vendor compatibility


Other Players

21st Century Health, Aavanor Systems, Acuis, Agfa HealthCare, Aosta Software Technologies, Edifice Medical Systems, Global Healthcare Systems,  Insta Health Solutions, Interactive Impact, IntraAction Electronics, Imaging Products India, Maestros Mediline, Mascon Global, Medsynaptic, Nuance India, Polycom Solutions, Presto Infosolutions, SciGenom, Softlink International, Srishti Software Applications, Sukraa Software Solution, Suvarna Technosoft, and Zoll Medical Corporation


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