Ashok Leyland

Force Motors

DOST Ambulance

Ready-to-use fully built turnkey solution; body made from GRP sandwich composite panels in line with global healthcare standards; designed for durability, efficiency, and superior driveability; available in multiple options for ALS and BLS customization


Trax Cruiser Ambulance

Shorter wheel base ensuring reach even in congested area, oxygen cylinder brackets with adjustable strap


Traveller Standard Ambulance

Low floor height for easy entry and exit of patient


Traveller Trauma Ambulance

Spacious compartment with state-of-the-art medical equipment


Traveller  Advanced Multi Stretcher Ambulance

India’s first four stretcher ambulance, 270 degree rear opening doors ensures easy loading and unloading of patients


Masimo Medical Technologies

Emma- Mainstream Capnograph

Immediate results, continuous capnogram, no calibration required, rugged water resistant design


Masimo Pulse Oximeters with SET technology

Masimo SET greatly enhances the accuracy of SpO2 monitoring, particularly in the most difficult patient conditions such as motion (patients move a lot in ambulances) and low peripheral perfusion


Other Players

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