Getinge is a world leader in cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization equipment, with solutions for the healthcare and life science sectors. We understand that you need your disinfection and sterilization equipment to consistently perform to manufacturer’s specifications in full compliance with international and local standards as well as your specified hospital requirements.

Assure Quality of Your Production

The Getinge Assured product offering provides you with the tools for monitoring the complete decontamination process. We offer diagnostic controls for manual washing, washer-disinfectors, AERs, and sterilizers. These are all part of the Getinge Assured portfolio.

Increase Efficiency in Your Workflow

Getinge Assured offers you a comprehensive portfolio of wash monitoring and sterility assurance indicators to help you check the effectiveness of your instrument reprocessing. Our technologically superior product line gives you the highest possible patient safety.

 Improve Patient Safety

Using products which monitor the success or failure of the entire decontamination process, at relatively little cost, will help you reduce hospital-acquired infections. Consequently, you now have a means of effectively managing your sterile production, which in turn can reduce hospital expenses. This will manifest itself in fewer cancelled operations, just in time delivery of sterile instruments, and contribute to optimization of the patient’s experience.

Reduce Environmental Footprint

By using best-in-class and unique technology, developed and owned by Getinge, we offer you a Getinge Assured product range with inks that are nontoxic and contain no toxic heavy metals in their base ingredients. Our Getinge chemical indicators are sterilant specific to provide diagnostic results that will help you detect inadequacies with relevant parameters important for your instrument reprocessing. Getinge Assured is not only about wash monitoring and sterility assurance, it is also about having complete control in how you impact your local environment.

Compliance to Relevant International and Local Standards

Getinge Assured products are all manufactured at ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified Getinge facilities and are tested against all relevant standards such as EN ISO 15883, EN ISO 11140 parts 1 and 4, and EN ISO 11138. We offer certificates of conformity for the complete product range, as well as third-party independent certificates for most products.

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