Alliance Transfusion


Patented transfusion safety system to reduce bedside transfusion errors such as wrong blood sampling, incorrect patient identification, and issue of wrong blood units

Typesafe  from Typenex

US FDA approved segment piercing device for quick, safe, and easy dispensing of blood from blood bags for crossmatching/blood grouping


Liquid crystal technology based device for monitoring blood bag temperature during transit from the blood bank to wards/OT or other hospitals/storage centers

ID - Donor Screening Module for Blood Donors

Biometric system to screen and identify blood donors to make the donor screening process faster, simpler, and safer; Lakhs of donors screened through this system


Blood bag sorting and labeling table that mantains optimum temperature even when the blood bags are outside the refrigerator


US FDA, CE marked rapid, dry format blood grouping card; Can be laminated and stored in files


Malaria and syphilis combo rapid test cassette; Single test for both malaria (Pan) and syphilis antibodies (IgG and IgM) i.e antibodies to Treponema pallidum (TP)

CNOGA- Tensortip Matrix non invasive hemoglobin screening device

Non-invasive fingertip mounted device designed to measure a wide range of physiological bio-parameters such as Hb and others

VeinViewer Flex

US FDA-cleared portable vascular access imaging device that can help find the optimal veins for apheresis procedures and for whole blood donation as well

Fresenius Kabi

HemoLight Plus

Automatic blood collection system to support whole blood donation; Informs about donation time, flow, and end alarms; Removable plastic tray

Hemofreeze Bags

Cyropreservation freezing bags for long term storage of various blood components; Made of biocompatible and mechanical stress resistant kapton/teflon

Macopharma India Transfusion Solution

Platelet Additive Solution SSP+

Reduce plasma volume to decrease adverse events; Improved bacterial detection performance; Compatible with all technologies for preparation of platelet products

Macomix DCN7 and HM20

Blood mixer with long-lasting battery; Robust transport case


Residual WBC counter; 3 minutes to complete WBC counting; Portable device and user friendly

Poly Medicure


Non-vacuum blood collection tubes


Non-vacuum single cap blood collection tube; Specially designed single cap provides ease while handling

Blood Collection Needle

Ultra-thin walled smooth and sharp needle; Minimizes pain during venipuncture and ensures smooth flow of blood

Voxtur Bio


Blood collection tubes with different cap colors, coated additives, and different sizes


Blood grouping seras; Compatible with whole blood; Results in 5 seconds with high sensitivity and specificity




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