Tube Sealers




Remi Sales

Hemoweld Gun (Portable)

Automatic sealing process; motorized moving wings put the tube in the right slot between electrodes; RF unit is in-built in handgun; no incidences of RF cable snapping

Hemoweld T (Bench Top)

Automatic sealing process; auto adjustable RF energy as per the thickness of the tube

WeldOn P

Comes with portable sealing gun with long coaxial cable for extended reach especially for handling sealing requirements in blood donation room outdoor camps

WeldOn B

Designed to meet high standards in blood safety

Span Healthcare

HS 21 (JMS)

Upto 500 seals/charge, light and portable

HS 03 (JMS)

Bench top heavy duty & port

SE 640RS (Genesis)

Upto 1000 seals/charge portable tube sealer

SE 370RS (Genesis)

Upto 2000 seals/charge bench top + extended handle

SE 340 RS (Genesis)

Bench top + extended handle

Terumo Penpol



Superior RF Application technology; purely hermetic and snap apart seals; visual indications and alarm system for user-friendly operation; light, robust and elegant


Rapid charging tube sealer with supreme battery performance; ergonomically designed sealing gun; superior RF Application technology; purely hermetic & snap apart seals; weightless machine designed for blood donation camps/drives


Superior RF Application technology; purely hermetic and snap apart seals; graphical display for user friendly operation; PC connectivity for easy retrieval of required information; cascading facility for upto 10 units; lightweight and sleeky design

Other Players

Accurate Scientific Instruments, AS Industries, Baxter, Bharat Scientific House, Bioasset Technologies, Claris Lifesciences, Eastern Medikit, Fresenius Kabi, HLL Lifecare Limited, Hindustan Latex, Hospimedica International (Ljungberg & Kogel AB, Sweden), Innvol, Jainson India, Mecca Healthcare, Meditek Specialty, Microteknik, Mitra, Polfrost Aircon, Poly Medicure, Skylab Instruments, SPP Enterprises, Stalwart Trade Impex, and Thermo Fisher Scientific


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