Platelet Agitators




Remi Sales

PI 10-PR 10 Ultra

Utmost care for delicate platelets; agitator ensures smooth jerk free continuous operations; precise control of temperature with advance feature like clever chip, data acquisition system makes it an ideal choice

Saksham Technologies

Jeio Tech Rocking and Waving Shaker

Adjustable tilt angle and variable digital speed controller

Span Healthcare

From Helmer-PF 15/PC 100; PF 48/PC 900; PF 96/PC 1200; and PF 396/PC 4200

H-Series: bacteria-resistant powder coating; electric condensate evaporator; forced-air circulation; and dual-pane tempered glass door; I-series: in addition to the features in H-series

Terumo Penpol


Capacity never a constraint; available for 24, 48 and 96 bags; uninterrupted, smooth and uniform agitation; heavy duty imported motor that functions 365 days 24x7; pause function for removing and loading bags



Other Players

AS Industries (Accurate Scientific Instrument), Bioline India, Bioasset Technologies, Deepee Cooling, Endoscope Accessories, Meditek Specialty, Pooja Labs, Skylab Instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Wheecon (Helmer)


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