Blood Collection Monitors




Remi Sales

BCM 20 Ultra

Best-in-class blood collection accuracy (<+1 percent); interactive multicolor process guide ensures ease of operation; self-diagnosis and system checks for error-free operations; removable magnetic cradle; 24 hours battery backup makes it perfect choice for donation camps


BCM 10 Ultra

Best-in-class blood collection accuracy (<+1 percent); 10 hours battery backup; economic model

Span Healthcare

AB 20 (JMS)

Swedish technology, highly reliable

AB 20 E (JMS)

Incorporated a barcode reader

CM735A (Genesis)

US technology – highly reliable for traceability

Terumo Penpol


A standardized blood collection monitor which follows the best manufacturing process; accurate weighing & continuous mixing; lightweight & handy design with user friendly operations; safer, secure, and reliable

Other Players

Accurate Scientific Instruments, Baxter India, Bharat Scientific House, Bioasset Technologies, Claris Lifesciences, Deepee Cooling Products, Freezers India, Fresenius Kabi, Gambro Bct, Grabner, HLL Lifecare Limited, Innovol, Jainsons India, Mitra, Mecca Healthcare, Meditek Speciality, MRK Healthcare, Polfrost Aircon, Poly Medicure, Skylabs Instruments, S P P Enterprises, and Stalwart Trade Impex

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