The platelet additive solution SSP+ PAS-E is designed to partially replace plasma in the preparation and storage of buffy-coat-derived platelet concentrates or apheresis platelet units. The recommended ratio is up to 80 percent SSP+/20 percent plasma. The solution enables platelets to be stored at 222°C, under gentle agitation, for up to
7 days following collection and according to local regulations.

SSP+ is recognized as the most suitable additive solution on the market that helps standardize platelet concentrates and improve storage conditions. In vitro quality and post-transfusion recovery of SSP+ platelets is well maintained. Both buffy-coat and apheresis-derived platelets perform at least as well as platelets stored in 100 percent plasma.

Benefits of SSP+


  • lIn vitro quality of platelets well maintained
  • l
    Reduces plasma volume to decrease adverse events (TRALI*, ABO mismatch).
  • lReduces allergic and febrile transfusion reactions
  • lCompatible with pathogen reduction treatment
  • lFacilitates ABO-incompatible PLT transfusions
  • lEnables pathogen inactivation
  • lMakes more plasma available for other purposes (e.g., fractionation)
  • lCompatible with main technologies for preparation of platelet products (e.g., whole blood and apheresis-derived platelets)
  • lVolume available: 300 and 500 mL
  • lTwo years' shelf-life
  • lSteam sterilized

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