Samsung India has signed an MoU with Karnataka government, with an aim of providing advanced technological support in the management of medical subsidies and operations at public health centers (PHCs) in the state more efficiently. As part of the agreement, Samsung Research & Development Institute, Bangalore (SRI-B), handed over 1000 Samsung Tab IRIS to the department of health, government of Karnataka. Samsung Tab IRIS, the first commercial tablet to be approved by UIDAI for Aadhaar and KYC verification, would enable PHCs in the state to build their database in a digital format.

Samsung Tab IRIS is SIM-enabled and has the capability to scan the Iris of an individual, which can then be linked to Aadhaar. This would help PHCs to generate various value-added reports to facilitate decision making by the health department. This integration of technology with the help of Samsung Tab IRIS aims to centrally consolidate information related to PHC administration, patient treatment, diagnosis, deliveries, and drug availability from various locations along with GPS information. The health records of patients would be analyzed online to take effective steps toward prevention of diseases. Audio visual awareness is also expected to be enhanced through the use of these tabs.

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