At the 2018 US HUPO Conference, Bruker and Evosep announce that they have executed a co-development and co-marketing agreement for the Evosep One chromatography system to work seamlessly with Bruker's timsTOF Pro ultra-high resolution quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometer.  The timsTOF Pro is powered by TIMS(Trapped Ion Mobility Separation) and the PASEF (Parallel Accumulation Serial Fragmentation) method to provide an additional dimension of fast ion mobility separation with near 100 percent duty cycle for faster and more sensitive complex mixture analysis.  This unique combination of speed, robustness and ultra-high sensitivity is intended to deliver critical performance required for large cohort clinical proteomics studies, ushering in the era of nanoflow LC-MS/MS in clinical research.

Bruker's revolutionary timsTOF Pro for high sensitivity proteomics can now be integrated with the Evosep One  ( separation device for high-throughput clinical proteomics.  The Evosep One is a novel chromatography system for large cohort proteomics, optimized for >200 samples/day and > 90 percent MS utilization.  Its LC peak widths of ~2 seconds for ~5 minute gradients have been combined with the PASEF method on the timsTOF Pro with MS/MS rates >150 Hz.  The novel combination already delivers superb sensitivity (50ng HeLa) and high throughput for LFQ of ~1,200 proteins in ~5 minutes.  For large sample cohorts, this enables biomarker research and validation on >200 samples per day - a breakthrough for clinical proteomics research. Under the co-development part of the agreement, Bruker and Evosep will work together to further integrate the two systems by enabling control of both the Evosep One and the timsTOF Pro using Bruker's Hystar LC-MS control software, and working to enhance the already impressive performance of the combination.

Nicolai Bache, Head of Applications at Evosep, commented: "We are excited about the collaboration and integration as the outstanding scan speed and sensitivity of the timsTOF Pro powered by PASEF is the perfect match for the short robust gradients with virtually no overhead that the Evosep One delivers."

Gary Kruppa, Vice President for Proteomics at Bruker Daltonics, elaborated: "The Evosep One is a perfect front-end solution for the timsTOF Pro when high-throughput is required, as it leverages the advantages of PASEF, putting world class biomarker discovery and validation capabilities in the hands of clinical researchers."  - Medical Buyer Bureau 

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