In a major move to improve health care, the state government will soon start a cost-free dialysis facility and an early intervention centre for detection of abnormalities in newborns.

Officials said that both the facilities are likely to start in March at the Sanjay Nagar combined government hospital in Ghaziabad.

The dialysis unit will be set up on a public-private partnership basis and will have an eight-bed facility with six dialysis units for patients. According to officials, the expenses, of nearly Rs1,100 per sitting, will be paid directly to the private firm by the government.

“The government will pay the private agency for conducting dialysis. However, the private firm will do this free of cost for those below the poverty line. To sum up, patients, irrespective of their financial background, will not pay for dialysis. The facility is likely to come up in March and it will run round the clock,” Dr NK Gupta, chief medical officer, Ghaziabad, said.

The facility was to begin operations in February but got delayed as the RO water plant for the facility is in the testing phase.

The other initiative that will be free of cost is the district early intervention centre (DEIC), a free facility that is likely to start operations in March.

“This facility will also be run on public-private partnership mode. Specialists at the centre will check newborns for abnormalities, such as cerebral palsy, soon after their birth. The early testing will help parents take precautions and provide timely medication to their children,” Dr Gupta said.

The DEIC facility will come up at a cost of Rs2.5 crore, of which the health department has paid Rs75 lakh to the private agency that will set up the facility.

According to health department statistics, nearly 18,000 institutional deliveries a year are recorded across government hospitals, primary health centres and community health centres in Ghaziabad, besides those which take place in private hospitals. It is, therefore, necessary to strengthen facilities for newborns, officials said. – Hindustan Times 

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