The Maharashtra government's initiative to carry out screening of cancer saw the first cancer out-patient department (OPD) inaugurated at J.J. Hospital on the occasion of International Women’s Day on Thursday, March 8. 

The OPD will be open to female employees, students and patients from 9am to 12pm. Cancer-screening OPDs will soon be set up at all state and civic hospitals.

According to J.J. Hospital doctors, the newly-opened OPD will assist in early detection and treatment of cancer; basic cancer tests will be carried out, and patients will be guided about the disease and its line of treatment. 

Further, women visiting J.J. Hospital for treatment will be able to have pap-smear and mammography tests conducted at the state-run Cama Albless Hospital. The oncologists will give patients guidance about where to take chemotherapy and radiation. The cancer OPD will be open every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Girish Mahajan, state medical education minister, said, “The early detection of cancer can save a patient’s life. The poor and the needy cannot afford treatment in private hospitals due to which problems arise and the cancer advances in terms of stage.”

Dr Sanjay Surase, medical superintendent, J.J. Hospital, said, “The OPD has started assisting patients; we have lots of patients coming from all parts of Maharashtra. This OPD will guide them, treat them and will make it easy for them to get treatment for a serious ailment.”

Youngster with cancer

A14-year-old girl was suffering from excessive menstrual bleeding. She was diagnosed with womb cancer. The girl said, “I was nervous but I fought the cancer. Although, I lost my uterus, at least I am safe and can pursue my education. According to Dr Sajid Qureshi, the basic symptoms of breast or uterus cancer are ignored by most of the women. If there are detected intime, then there could be dealt with easily. – India Today 

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