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A superior knee implant, known as ‘gold knee’, because of its colour, was launched at Q1 Hospital at the Health City, Arilova here, on Thursday. Dr. Darnell E Blackmon, an orthopaedic surgeon from the USA, was present on the occasion. Joint replacement implants, particularly knee and hip prostheses, would be subjected to a high degree of load and wear-inducing movement that results in release of abrasive particles. These particles and metal ions were the main cause of inflammation, premature loosening and allergic reactions associated with joint replacement implants, Ramana Murthy. T, replacement and keyhole surgeon, told the media on the occasion.

Knee replacement implants are normally manufactured from cobalt or chromium based alloys. These alloys consist of 1  percent nickel. This could result in the continuous release of allergenic metal ions (nickel, chrome or cobalt) into the tissue surrounding the implant. Metal ions released over a period of time can cause allergic reaction. Dr. Ramana Murthy said the advantages of gold knee include prevention of allergies, superior hardness compared to cobalt chromium-based alloys and offers high adhesive strength. He claimed that the gold knee was introduced for the first time in Andhra Pradesh.


Replying to queries, Dr. Ramana Murthy said that the gold knee implant would cost around Rs. 25,000 more than cobalt chrome-based alloy implants. The supply of gold knee was presently limited as it was still under research production. – The Hindu

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