Principal decries campaign against inadequacies at hospital

The Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, is a far cry from what it used to be a decade ago, when lack of space, equipment, personnel and tiresome logistics used to create nightmares for patients and visitors alike.

The institution still functions within a lot of limitations, but it is unfair to overlook the services it has been rendering to the public and the innumerable lives it has saved, Medical College Hospital (MCH) Principal Thomas Mathew said in a statement here on Wednesday.

He was reacting to an ongoing campaign in the social media on the inadequacies of MCH.

He said that during the Puttingal firecracker accident two years ago and in recent times, during the dengue outbreak and in the aftermath of Ockhi cyclonic storm, the manner in which it had organised itself and saved innumerable patients had been appreciated by even the medical team from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

The MCH had been overwhelmed during the epidemic season with nearly 30,000 people crowding the hospital. Yet the dengue mortality rate had been minimum due to the efficient manner in which treatment protocols were implemented and patients cared for.

Over 1,300 persons come on a daily basis to the casualty wing and over 6,000 persons to the OP clinics at the MCH

The MCH has been trying to modernize its administrative systems and ease the processes to make the hospital more patient-friendly.

Pharmacy, digital X-ray, lab and ultrasound scanning facilities are all arranged near the casualty itself so that trauma management is more efficient. Following computerized networking and digitization, lab diagnosis, X-ray and scan results are all available directly in the wards and are messaged on the patient’s mobile number.

Unlike earlier, samples for lab diagnosis are collected directly from the wards by technicians.

The OP clinics are being modernized as part of the Aardram Mission and soon, patients will be able to fix appointments ahead with doctors online and avoid queuing up. In the next few months, the new multispecialty block, the renovated casualty and a new and full-fledged Emergency Medicine department will become functional, bringing MCH on a par with any tertiary care hospital in the private sector, the statement said.

The Principal appealed to the people to stop discrediting the oldest Medical College in the State through deliberate misinformation campaigns. – The Hindu 

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