A new emergency block at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital was thrown open to the public on a trial basis on Wednesday.

With it as many as 260 beds, 37 ICUs and six operation theatres were added to the hospital. It is being considered as a much-needed relief to the medical facility already overburdened with huge patient inflow.

Also another 240 beds would be added, taking the strength to 500, making the emergency block the largest one among public hospitals in the country, a senior doctor claimed.  

“The new emergency block is likely to offer major relief as the patient load is tremendous. We cannot refuse patients and at times, two patients have to be accommodated on one bed for emergency care. Patients coming to this facility are mostly poor and cannot afford private treatment,” the doctor said. In 2013, following a special permission from the health ministry, construction work for an emergency block and a super-speciality block was started. – Daily Pioneer 

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