After Goa Medical College (GMC) hospital, Mapusa district hospital will be another government healthcare centre in the state to have a histopathology laboratory. The district hospital will soon be starting the facility where examination of biological tissues will be performed for detecting any diseased cells.

The Mapusa district hospital at Peddem, which has recently started a dialysis centre, will be further upgraded with the histopathology laboratory. Currently, the hospital examines around 50,000 test samples per month and undertakes various tests like biochemistry, clinical pathology, hematopathology and microbiology.

At present, Goa Medical College is overloaded and sources informed that GMC takes around four weeks to provide report of histopathology sample. Hence, the directorate of health services has gone ahead to have a histopathology laboratory in Mapusa district hospital.

Dr Varsha Munj is in-charge of pathology and under whose supervision the histopathology laboratory will be functional. Citing an example, Dr Munj said that “we will take histo sample of appendix or tumor, that is, tissue sample and examine it in the lab to detect whether there is any unusual growth of tissue which can cause any disease.”

Dr Geeta Kakodkar, medical superintendent of the district hospital, informed that “we have already made the infrastructure ready and once we get the equipment worth Rs 84 lakh, the laboratory will become functional.”

She said that “we could also be accepting histo samples from private hospitals as currently in the state only GMC has this facility and by doing this we can generate revenue as well.” – Nav Hind Times 

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