Taking a step towards facilitation of tele-medicine system for providing specialist medical service to people in remote areas, the State signed a MoU with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) India Pvt Limited for establishing e-health centers in the State. According to the MoU signed in the presence of the CM on Wednesday, the HPE company will facilitate telemedicine service at four community health centers in the State. As per the conditions of the MoU, at these four community health centers, the company will facilitate about 65 types of medical tests and the swift upload of the test results along with providing necessary pathology and information technology equipment.

Specialist medical service will be accessible through the telemedicine facility for those who visit any of these four community health centers. The company will also conduct training for the doctors and paramedical staff at the selected community health centers to ensure maintenance of electronic medical records and the operation of related equipment.

All records pertaining to the telemedicine service will be handed over by the company to the officer in charge of the hospital. The State will provide doctors in the telemedicine studio along with para medical staff and nurses in hospitals linked to telemedicine. The Government will also ensure undisrupted broadband internet connection at the hospitals on the telemedicine network.

Initially, the company will facilitate telemedicine in four community health centers and depending on successful results of the initiative, the telemedicine network would be expanded.

As per the State Government, the company has taken steps to facilitate telemedicine in U’khand as part of its corporate social responsibility. The company will also establish a studio at the Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali Srinagar medical college hospital for this purpose. Speaking on the eve, the CM said that telemedicine can prove to be a boon for providing specialist medical attention to people in remote mountainous areas of Uttarakhand. Stating that the State Government understands the importance of telemedicine in mountainous areas, Rawat said that recently the State  had started tele-radiology facility at Pauri and 12 hospitals in Uttarakhand on public private partnership mode. Tele-radiology facility will soon be started in 23 more hospitals of the State.

With this, Uttarakhand has become the fifth Indian state to adopt tele-radiology facility. With the MoU signed on Wednesday, Uttarakhand has also become the 17th State to adopt telemedicine, he added.

Speaking about the various measures taken by the Government to improve health services in the State, Rawat said that the Government is attempting to provide services of super specialist doctors in remote mountainous regions. Telemedicine and tele-radiology will play an important role in facilitating this.

Referring to efforts aimed at improving internet connectivity, Rawat said that with the assistance of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai, border areas of the State will be linked through balloon internet service. – Daily Pioneer

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