83 gold medals given at SRU convocation

For the country to achieve the national policy target of 2.5 percent of the GDP for health, the State and the Central governments must raise their allocation for health in the budget, said Vinod K. Paul, member of NITI Aayog.

The States should budget at least 8 percent on health sector, Dr. Paul said in his convocation address at Sri Ramachandra University on Monday. The National Health Policy of 2017 had envisaged a network of 1.50 lakh health and wellness centers to provide comprehensive primary healthcare across the country. This would prevent having to set up secondary care, which is not only expensive but also unaffordable, he said.

A total of 83 gold medals were distributed at the convocation. Over 770 graduates, two Doctorates of Science, 12 PhDs and 22 super specality degrees were awarded.

University Vice Chancellor P.V. Vijayaraghavan said B.Sc degrees in Medical Microbiology and Applied Molecular Biology and Occupational Therapy were launched during the year, according to a release. – The Hindu

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