The State Cancer Hospital has received the first installment of Rs 29.9 crore for purchase of equipment.

After its recognition as the State Cancer Hospital (SCI) last year, the 100-bedded super specialty facility was entitled to receive aid from the Center and state.

A government resolution issued by the Maharashtra governments Medical Education and Drugs Department on November 10 has confirmed the development.

The hospital administration had submitted a proposal for Rs 120 crore towards its entitlement. The total amount to be borne in the ratio of 60:40 by the Center and state was further curtailed to Rs 117 crore following scrutiny. After the visit of a team from the central health and family welfare ministry to the hospital last year it was decided that the hospital would be sanctioned Rs 97 crore for carrying out development work.

Arvind Gaikwad, officer on special duty, SCI, informed that after the final decision on the amount, the hospital proposed a phase-wise disbursal of central share of funds, according to which medical equipment was included in the first phase and other equipment and mechanism was included in the second phase. Gaikwad confirmed that a proposal demanding the state's share for development of the hospital was submitted and the issue was expected to be discussed in the winter session of the assembly.

Out of the budget of Rs 30 crore approved in Friday's circular, altogether 27 medical equipment will be purchased. Following the budget approval, a state-level e-tender will be released to procure the required tools, Gaikwad said. The process will take a minimum time of three weeks.

Among the key equipment approved are cardiovascular ultrasound system (2D Echo), laparoscopy set, harmonic scalpel set, CO2 laser, micro-laryngoscope instrument, advance laproscopy set, gastroscopy and colonyscopy videoscope, Thompson retractor system and flexible intubation video endoscope (adult and pediatric).

The CO2 laser, harmonic scalpel set, micro-laryngoscope instrument and ophthalmic microscope are the instruments that being introduced to the center for the first time.

Radiation oncologist at SCI Ajay Boralkar said that the addition of the equipment will lead to speedier surgeries, lesser blood loss, early recovery, reduction in overall time for diagnosis, operative and post-operative care and improved quality of services. – TOI

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