City-based Aster Prime Hospital has participated in a multi-center global study involving 10,000 people of 50 countries under the project called "Cantos".

This project is being conducted to study the role of anti-inflammatory agents that could counter fatal heart conditions like stroke and heart attacks.

Talking to newsmen here today, Aster Prime Hospital Director and Senior International Cardiologist Dr C Raghu said that the study was conducted by Dr Paul Ridker of Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. This study was published in August 27 issue of New England Journal of Medicine and simultaneously presented at the European Society of Cardiology, Barcelona.

He said "It has been common knowledge for decades that one way to reduce heart attack is to keep his cholesterol level low. But that is only part of the story. About half of the heart attacks happen to those who have considered normal levels of cholesterol. Trials showed that even people who do not have high cholesterol levels benefit from cholesterol lowering Statin drugs. Another effect of Statins is to reduce inflammation, the suspicion has been that this is the protection is coming from. But the cholesterol lowering properties of Statins have made it impossible to isolate this effect", he said.

Mr Raghu said Cantos looked at inflammation alone as a cause for heart attacks because Canakinumab reduces only inflammation and not cholesterol levels. Patients who received 150 mg dose of this medicine had a 15 percent lesser chance of developing heart attack or stroke. In addition there was a reduction of death from various cancers, he added.

He said that the study was started in 2011 and continued for 4 years. Aster Prime Hospital was the only hospital in Hyderabad which had participated in the study with 20 people. Fourty hospitals participated in the study across the country, he added. – Web India 


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